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Rajasekhar to remake Hello

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Hello, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal's biggest hit movie in 2007, directed by Rafi Meccartin, is all set to be remade in Telugu. It is learnt that after the success of Evadaithe Nakenti and Gorintaku, Telugu action hero Rajasekhar has signed up for the remake to be produced by Maganti Gopinath under the direction of Chirunavvutho fame Ramprasad. Bhoomika will be his pair in this flick that will be launched on September 05.

Rajasekhar's Evadaithe Nakenti was also based on a Malayalam film Lion; Gorintaku was the remake of a Kannada movie Anna Thangi. His current film, Satyameva Jayathe, is a remake of the Hindi film Khakee. It seems that the action star is determined to do more remakes in future.

"We are doing the remake of the Malayalam film Hello since it"s a nice blend of strong theme and entertainment," disclosed Jeevitha, wife of Rajasekhar. It has become a trend in Telugu film industry to remake hit movies from other regional languages and Jeevitha claimed that remakes are a wise option. "We consciously wanted a family entertainer after an anger-driven cop story," she added.

Hello is a clean family entertainer, portraying the story of a lazy criminal lawyer, Sivaraman (Mohanlal), whose main weakness is spending more time drinking in bars rather than appearing in court. Handy (Jagathy) brings Sivaraman home on most days, bailing him out of difficult situations.

One day, he has a drunken fight with three rowdies who are wanted by the police: Vadakancherry Vakkan (Spadikam George), Pattambi Ravi (Kireekadan Jose), and Batherry Bapu (Bheeman Reghu). Interestingly, they become his bodyguards, ready to do anything for him.

Sivaraman has a long flashback, which reveals the circumstances that made him an alcoholic. In his early days, he loved a girl, Priya (Samvrutha). But Priya was brutally murdered on the very day of their elopement by his parents who strongly opposed Sivaraman's relationship with her. Sivaraman is now on his revenge against his family, by drinking, thus giving pain to his parents, who are now regretting the incident.

There comes a twist in the life of Shivaraman when he gets a phone call from Parvathy, a rich Marwadi heiress, who pleads with him to save her life as she is kidnapped by some criminals with the help of her family members who are trying to eliminate her to possess her wealth. What happens next forms the rest of the plot.

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