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Movies:Modern Matchmakers !

By: By: Arya Aiyappan
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Malayalam movie industry is enjoying its new found glory as the most chosen matchmaker. As the latest ad goes "matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match..." of late many are venturing into the industry with the aim to earn fame, mint money and last but not the least to fetch a match. Currently cinema is one of the most sought after vocations to gain instant popularity and if lady luck is more than generous, savour stardom as well.

While many fresh and mesmerizing beauties make it to the celluloid world, a quick glimpse of the past, brings to mind those faces which faded away from our memory, when they entered wedlock. The list is long with many vying for a space. Karthika, Ambika, Parvathy, Anne, Divya Unni, Samyukta, Shalini, Manju Warrier and the latest to follow the trail is Gopika. Ranjini, the vivacious anchor of the reality show "Idea Star Singer" on Asianet, aptly commented that girls are striving hard to sneak their way into the celluloid world only to find for themselves a suitable groom. It may sound cynical on the face, but truth is hard to be digested. Whatever said and done, the vital change has been a new perspective. While once, a career in cinema, was demeaning, today being an actresses is an honour in itself, let alone a status symbol for the family. So young girls no longer encounter iron hands of authority to crush their dreams.

Cinema has absolved itself of every blame whatsoever. The positive outlook is an outcome of modern age. The actresses are bold with their own viewpoints, sense of morals, liberal outlook but rooted in the conventional Kerala society. The highlight is the steady influx of young educated girls into this field and families open to the idea of seeking a bride or groom for their children from glamorous cinema world.

Advancing further, parents are open to the idea of their children (cinema artists) finding their soulmates from within the industry. Even when money and popularity were the incentives, not a single soul in the wildest of their dreams would have imagined that, the world of cinema would henceforth play the role of Cupid. Sukumaran-Mallika and I.V. Sasi-Seema, to their successors Jayaram-Parvathy, Shaji Kailas-Anne, Ajith-Shalini, Biju Menon-Samukta Varma, Dilip-Manju Warrier and so goes the list of those who believe that professional and personal life can be separate. Yet there have been unpleasant incidents when they parted ways like Manoj K Jayan-Urvashi and Rohini-the late Raghuvaran.

However an impeding or rather disheartening factor has been that of actresses quitting the limelight in the prime of their time; separating cinema from other careers. They may make a poor comeback, save for some who may be second time lucky, once their familial chores are well taken care of. The pricking question looms large. Is the dividing line hazily present or in the times to come shall we see them grace the show even after entering marital bliss.

So lets catch the new fad, the mantra for marriage. Enter or sneak into the celluloid world, grab a chance, but definitely prime roles not the meaty ones and cull out an image for yourself, 'the lovable homely girl-next-door' and then advertise yourself through interviews, but cautious enough to talk at length about your 'dream guy' or a step further to evade them and then as luck may have it, the wedding bells may soon ring loud and clear.

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