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Home is where Prithviraj's heart is

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The inter-language migration of actresses is a common phenomenon in the entire film industry. Actresses can easily move between languages like butterflies across borders, since most filmmakers want them only for beauty and do not care much about their impact as artistes. But have you ever heard of an actor who became a significant property of an industry to which he has migrated? Yes, he is none other than Prithviraj.

Though he began his career in Malayalam, it was only after his Tamil flicks that Prithviraj was recognized as a rising star by the audiences and industry. But Prithviraj will not agree with that.

"Malayalam cinema is where I learnt everything about films and acting. I've even won a best actor award in Malayalam (Vaasthavam in 2006). But yes, establishing oneself as a solo hero in Malayalam is a tough job, because Malayalees are averse to change." he reasons.

Prithviraj is correct. Audiences in 'God's own country' are comfortable to see familiar faces over and over again, making it difficult for newcomers to make a difference. It requires a lot of patience, but once an actor gets through this initial acceptance barrier, things get easier.

Coming to Prithviraj, it has taken him five years in the industry to become a saleable star. His hard work is finally paying off now when his name is generating money. That is where he is today shuttling between states as he juggles shoots in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

Though Prithviraj's loyalties are always with Malayalam cinema, he is aware that meatier roles have been coming his way in Tamil. He believes regional cinema that is on a creative high in Tamil. There are new directors and technicians trying out innovative themes and technology. "In contrast, Malayalam is going through a lean patch with no great talent making inroads. There haven't been enough directors to make thought-provoking cinema. Hopefully, this is a passing stage," Prithviraj observes.

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