Jayasurya's eight lines of Fate!


    Not matter what you posess, your Fate should be good, so says our predecessors. Going by that saying, the line of Fate is clearly shining bright for Jayasurya. Well, to be precise, it is not line of fate, but lines of fate for Jayasurya sports not one or two, but eight lines.

    But before we heave a sigh, let us break the suspense. Jayasurya who plays the character of Jerry in the upcoming Malayalam move Gulumaal, sports a different look altogether. The character takes on a different style, truly abreast with the modern fashion trends.

    Now Jerry's hairstyle has become a rage both in the campuses and in the film industry. Jayasurya has his humorous answer ready, “I thought about this. We need not remain a star for ten to twenty years. As long as we are there, why not try something different and win over the audiences. When they talk about their favourite characters, they should atleast mention one of mine. So these are just some small gimmicks towards that bigger goal."

    Great going Jayasurya and the actor that you are, the audiences cannot afford to forget you and your roles.

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