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Ganesh Kumar, Yamini get emotional; hold press meet

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Forest and cinema minister KB Ganesh Kumar and his wife Dr Yamini Thankanchy's divorce 'saga' took an ugly turn. Dr Yamini held a press meet, charging her husband Ganesh of domestic violence. The actor turned minister in turn also called a press meet later in the night, denying the allegation. Ganesh Kumar later handed over a letter of resignation to the CM citing personal reasons.

It was high drama between Ganesh Kumar and his wife Dr Yamini Thankanchy and it all began when Ganesh Kumar filed a petition at a family court in the afternoon on Monday. His lawyers alleged that his wife had tortured him and released details of the petition showcasing pictures of his blood stained face. His wife Dr Yamini Thankanchy could not take this lying down and held a press meet at 5.30 pm at the private residence of the minister in Vazhuthakaud. She claimed that she was victim of domestic violence and had suffered physical abuses from her husband since the time they were married.

She told the press of being beaten up violently by her husband Ganesh Kumar, leading to her leg and hand being fractured. She recalled one of the days when her friend's husband came to meet Ganesh, after he received a messsage that his wife had illegitimate relationship with the minister. Yamini claimed that after that incident, the actor even prostrated before her seeking pardon. That was when she realised that her husband had extra marital relationship with her friend.

According to Yamini, soon after the man left their house, Ganesh closed his office room door and began hitting Yamini. When Yamini went to the Chief Minister's residence carrying written complaint of domestic violence against her husband the next day, the CM reportedly refused to accept the complaint and told her that he will first have to discuss the matter with others.

After a mutual settlement was signed by both with mediators, she was expecting to receive money as bank deposit and private house of minister at Vazhuthacauad registered with her name. However, that did not happen. It was then that she came to realise that the CM and others were cheating her.

Soon after this, Ganesh Kumar too called for a press meet and requested the media to not believe any of Yamini's allegations against him. In order to save the reputation of the ministry, the UDF leaders called for an urgent meeting and then the CM demanded Ganesh's resignation. Ganesh Kumar reached at 11.45 p.m at the official residence of CM and handed over the resignation letter which read, 'Due to some personal reasons I am withdrawing from the position of Minister.'

Meanwhile, the Crime Branch will soon start their enquiry about the allegations made by Dr Yamini since Ganesh Kumar has demanded an inquiry to find out the alleged plot against him by a vested group.

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Dr. Yamini Thankanchy holds press meet

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy becomes all emotional before holding a press meet to talk about her allegations against her husband Ganesh Kumar.

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy holds press meet

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy tells the press that she is a victim of domestic violence.

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy holds press meet

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy tells the press that her husband Ganesh Kumar had beaten her up, leading to fracture.

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy holds press meet

Here, Dr. Yamini Thankanchy is seen discussing something important with a friend.

Dr. Yamini Thankanchy holds press meet

This is a picture of Dr. Yamini Thankanchy and Ganesh Kumar in their happy days.

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