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Photos: Top ten hottest Malayalam actors

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Fitness and building a six-pack body has been a popular trend among Hollywood and Bollywood actors. Of late, it has also extended to Mollywood. Taking a cue from Hollywood and Bollywood stars, young breed of actors in Malayalam industry are focusing more on gaining macho-man physic. They strongly believe in the statement, "Sound mind in a sound body." They also think that this is the only way to increase their female followers and impress the filmmakers.

In the past, many heroes in Malayalam had a laid-back attitude towards fitness. Unlike their predecessors', these young Mollywood stars have become more health conscious and have adopted tough workout and diet regimes. They are always ready to build chiselled abs or undergo transformations to suit the requirement of their roles. Amidst their busy shooting schedules, they make sure to find time for exercise and maintain their diet.

Prithviraj, Indrajith, Jayasurya, Unni Mukundan, Rajeev Pillai, Dulquar Salman, Padmasurya Govind, Narain, Riyaz Khan and Manikkuttan are some of the hottest hunks in Mollywood, who are fitness freaks. They are always ready to do workouts and maintain strict diet to undergo the kind of transformations that their roles demand.

We bring you the pictures of their macho man physique and what they have to say about fitness. Continue to see them in the slide show.


Prithviraj is one hottest Malayalam actor, who has not only huge female fan following in South India, but also in North. His chiseled abs featured in his debut Bollywood movie Aiyyaa has made many girls go crazy over him. He has become frontrunner among the list of hottest B-Town hunks like John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan and few others.

Unni Mukundan

Unni Mukundan is also one of the hottest hunks in Malayalam Industry, and he will be seen sporting a six-pack look in his upcoming movie Samrajyam 2: Son of Alexander. He is very health conscious and regularly hits gym.


Actor Jayasurya is another hot Malayalam actor, who has given sleepless nights to many girls in Kerala. The actor has lost many pounds to look lean, bulky and muscular in his films. Due to time constraints, he is not able to dedicate time for workouts regularly. But he tries hard to hit the gym often and follow a strict diet. Talking about his athletic body, he says, "It's essential for anybody to be fit to lead a healthy life."


Indrajith is another fitness freak in Mollywood, who always likes to sport different looks. He has lost lot of weight to fit into his characters. He says, "As an actor you should do the kind of workout that helps you adapt to the particular character you do. You don't always need a six pack or a well-built body, but staying fit helps you get into whatever shape the character demands."

Rajeev Pillai

Model-turned-actor Rajeev Pillai is also one of the hottest hunks in Mollywood. He says that he started working on his body 11 years ago, that too for the female attention. But today, it has become his hobby. He says, "At that age, it was about looking good. But over the years, I started reading a lot about fitness and workouts. I now follow a protein-rich diet that's tailor-made for my body."


Actor Narain, who underwent rigorous fitness training for Veeraputhran, says that for an actor, it is just not enough to look good, but he should also have a fit body.

Padmasurya Govind

Actor Padmasurya Govind, who had to lose a lot of weight for his debut film Atayalangal, has a different say about being fit. He believes that fitness could make a big difference in the kind of roles you get. In this competitive world, your physique and energy levels could be factors that clinches you the best roles. He adds, "Major transformations happen when your character demands it and you have to be flexible with your diet and workout."

Dulquar Salman

Mammootty's son Dulquar Salman, who entered films with Second Show in 2012, is just four movies old in the industry. He has well understood the mantra of drawing female attention. He regularly does workouts and maintains a strict diet. He strongly believes that fitness can help to stay fresh in the minds of viewers.


Manikkuttan, who is 25 films old in the industry, is also a fitness freak. He regularly workout and maintain strict diet.

Riyaz Khan

Riyaz Khan has maintained very good physic at the age of 40. Even today, he is a favourite actor of many filmmakers in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi films. The secret behind this impression is his fitness.

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