Rasputin - An Overview


    Rasputin is an upcoming Malayalam film directed by Jinu G Daniel. Vinay Fort, Aju Varghese and Sreenath Bhasi play the male leads in the film while, Vandana Menon and Pavithra Menon play the female leads. The director claims that his film is a mix of drama and hard-hitting humour.

    Susheelan (Vinay fort), Radhenathan (Sreenath Bhasi) and Gopalan (Aju Varghese) live together in an apartment. The movie is all about the life of these three lazy men. Director Jinu explains the story, "The trio work with the same MNC. Though Susheelan and Radhenathan are cousins who grew up together, they are as different as chalk and cheese. While Radhenathan aka Rad is the quintessential playboy, Susheelan finds women intimidating. Gopalan, with his high-power reading glasses, is striving hard to be a ladies man. To fix Susheelan's problem with the female folk, Rad introduces him to Dr Smitha, a high-class escort.


    Joy Mathew as Vayalil Satheeshan or VS, a sworn moralist and anti-American, is Susheelan's dad and Radhenathan's uncle, who hates everything western and is into paying continuous visits to keep an eye on the boys. One day he arrives at the apartment to find Susheelan, who has gone to another city to meet Smitha, missing. While Rad is trying hard to convince his uncle all is well, there arrives his pregnant ex-girlfriend. What follows forms the crux of the storyline."

    The rest of the cast include Sunil Sukhada, Nandu, Srinda Ashab and many others. Shritha Sivadas is also seen in a cameo role. Rasputin is a new generation film which has no drugs or bad words usages in it. The film produced by EP Varghese under the banner of Blue Moon Pictures and is getting released next week.

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