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      Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi: Forest Is Not For Everyone!

      By Akhila Menon

      Forests are not the favorite destinations for everyone; so are the movies. Not every movie made will serve all audience groups. The same goes to the recently released fantasy adventure movie, Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi.

      Just like how the forest only excites the adventure lovers; LL7K turns out to be an exciting movie experience for only to those who love to watch different films. The movie fails to convince the audience about its purpose. Here, the forest doesn't excite the common people.

      Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi: Forest Is Not For Everyone!

      Here Are Some Factors Which Don't Make Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi Audience-friendly:

      Lack of an engaging script

      The movie is undoubtedly a fresh attempt. But the weaker script fails to keep the audience engaged and thus the movie turns out to be a not-so-engaging experience.

      Failed character sketch

      The movie doesn't show the patience to sketch the characters with perfection but rushes into a forceful storytelling. It is hard for the audience to remember the situations or characters after a certain point.


      Rex Vijayan's songs turn out to be a bit irritating. The movie makes a compelled attempt to fit into the commercial category with the extra added songs, which look completely inappropriate.

      Here Are The Positive Factors Which Make The Movie A Must-Watch:

      The highly relevant theme:

      The movie is all about the importance of preserving the earth and environment. It is an almost untouched topic when it comes to the Malayalam movies.

      The brilliant visualization:

      Jayesh Nair's cinematography will not take you to a dreamy destination; but undoubtedly makes a great feast for the audiences who love to watch the untouched beauty of the forest in its full glory.

      Spectacular art direction and VFX:

      LL7K provides an extra space for the art direction and VFX. The sets of tribal village and sight of the decayed elephant body are extraordinary. Except the climax sequences, the VFX effects are perfect.

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