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15 Different Dialects Used By Mammootty In His Movies!

Posted By: Abhijith
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    What makes Mammootty a great actor? There might be a plenty of reasons, but today we are going to discuss about one such aspect of this actor which makes him a class apart.

    It is a known fact that the ability of the actor to handle various dialects is unmatched. Here we present the 15 movies in which the actor used 15 different dialects.

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    Kottayam Kunjachan

    Mammootty got into the skin of the character of an Achayan,thereby mastering the Kottayam slang in this film. The actor also used the same slang in other films like Sangham, Nazrani etc.


    Nobody would forget the performance of Mammootty as Achootty in Amaram. Mammootty used the Kadappuram slang, a dialect which is common in people living by the seaside.


    Mammootty portrayed the role of a landlord named Bhaskara Patelar, in Vidheyan directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. The actor spoke in the South Canara dialect in this film.


    Valsalyam is one among the many movies in which Mammootty has used the Valluvanaadan slang. It was so perfect that the viewers could feel the protagonist Raghavan Nair throughout the movie.


    In this film directed by Blessy, we can see Mammootty speaking in a slang which is quite familiar to the people in the interior areas of Alappuzha district.


    Mammootty simply stole the show by presenting the Trivandrum dialect, which was completely new to Malayalam cinema. In other words, the actor must be credited for making the slang popular in the film circuits.

    Bus Conductor

    The actor takes note of even the minute changes required while delivering dialogues. In the film Bus Conductor, the actor used the speaking style of people of Pattambi-Ernadu region.


    The film directed by Kamal had Mammootty in the role of a Tamil migrant. The actor used a dialect which was a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam.


    Well, this slang might be quite familiar to many of us. The actor used this slang in two of his films, Thurupugulaan and Danny.

    Paleri Manikyam

    Yet again, the actor showed us his mastery in handling dialects. This time, he used Kozhikkode slang with effect, for his character named Murikkumkunnath Ahmed Haji.


    The film had Mammootty playing the role of a farmer hailing from the interiors of Idukki. People over there use a particular slang and that was effectively delivered by the actor in this film.


    Well, this is something which probably no other actor could do. The actor appeared as Veerendra Mallayya in this film and he used a slang which is a mix of Kannada and Malayalam.

    Pranchiyettan and The Saint

    How can we forget this movie? There might be no other actor who has used the Thrissur slang so perfectly like Mammootty did, in Pranchiyettan And The Saint.

    Bavoottiyude Namathil

    This film directed by Mammootty had him speaking in the Malappuram slang. Like in all other cases, this time also the actor won the task easily.

    Kunjananthante Kada

    Kannur slang is considered to be one of the toughest one to speak in. But, Mammootty spoke in this slang for his film Kunjananthante Kada and not to say the least, it was perfect.

    No other actor has achieved this feat as this is not an easy task to accomplish. The best thing is the fact that, Mammootty excelled in the usage of all the above slangs.

    The actor makes each of his character look different. There are situations when we can't see the actor or person named Mammootty, as what we see on-screen would be the character alone.

    Such is the transformation made by Mammootty for his characters. The utmost care that he gives while delivering the dialogues in a particular slang is highly commendable.

    Another factor is the consistency that he holds while speaking in a slang. Take the case of the film Rajamanikyam, the actor was in complete hold of the Trivandrum dialect, even while performing sentimental scenes.

    Well, a close look into the list would let you know that he has handled most of the regional dialects of Kerala. Probably, the only one missing is the Kazargod slang which has been seldom used in films so far.

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