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Remembering Lohithadas On His 7th Death Anniversary: 5 Underrated Works Of The Master Storyteller!

Posted By: Abhijith
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It was 7 years ago, on June 28th that Malayalam cinema lost A.K. Lohithadas, the master storyteller who carved a place of his own with some unmatchable works.

We have heard a lot about his brillaint works like Kireedom, Bharatham, Valsalyam, Thaniyavarthanam and many more. But, there are certain gems given by Lohithadas that haven't been much talked about.

Here, we list 5 of the underrated works of Lohithadas..

Dasharatham (1989)

No one other than Lohithadas could have though of the concept of Dasharatham. It was indeed a bold move from the writer to take up such a subject back then. The film wasn't a big hit,but Dasharatham is definitely one of the best works of Lohithadas as a writer.

Sasneham (1990)

Sasneham directed by Sathyan Anthikkad, had Balachandra Menon and Shobhana in the lead roles. We have talked about this film less often, which handled a subject which holds due importance even now. The issues of intercaste marriages has been subtly written by Lohithadas, thereby delivering a good message.

Kuttettan (1990)

Kuttettan was unlike any other Lohithadas film. The writer showed his mastery in handling comedy with this film. There are some amazing moments in this film which had Lohithadas experimenting himself. And full marks to him since we enjoy watching this movie even now.

Sagaram Sakshi (1994)

The film directed by Sibi Malayil wasn't a big hit back then. But, the film was a quality one and Lohithadas had written a different character for Mammootty in this film. The turmoils and the pressure in the life of a businessman was shown particularly well in this film.

Soothradharan (2001)

The film directed by Lohithadas came in amidst huge expectations, but the film was a box-office failure. But, the guts of Lohithadas to take up such a subject, which revolved around the lives of prostitutes, must be appreciated. There were some well-written characters in this film, like the one portrayed by Bindu Panikker.

We are not saying that the above listed movies were not hits or didn't garner recognition. But, these works of Lohithadas have been less talked about.

In fact, the above listed movies show how versatile a writer he was. He had the ability to etch characters which stays close to the real life.

Lohithadas's association with directors like Sibi Malayil and Sathyan Anthikkad gave the industry some memorable works. In fact, the best works of these directors so far, have been with Lohithadas.

Lohithadas also impressed us with his film-making skills. He made his debut as a director with the film Bhoothakannadi, starring Mammootty in the lead role. The film went on to win the Kerala State Film Award for the Best film. He also won the National Award For the Best First Film Of A Director.

In this era when the industry is facing a dearth of quality scriptwriters, Malayalam cinema is definitely in need of a writer-cum-director like him.

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