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    'Karutha Penne's Theme Is Multi-faceted', Sanah Moidutty Speaks Up About The Sensational Song!


    Not often we get to see remix versions getting a huge response akin to the original ones. Sanah Moidutty has indeed recreated history in the most innovative way with the remix version of the yesteryear superhit song Karutha Penne. The song that hit YouTube in February has already crossed the 13 million views mark and is still racing ahead for more. The innovative addition of the rap versions, the picturisation, the underlying theme and much more have made the song a trendsetter. In an exclusive chat with, Sanah Moidutty talked about the inception of the cover version and much more.

    Karutha Pennes Theme Is Multi-faceted, Sanah Moidutty Speaks Up About The Sensational Song!

    Apart from the rendition which has some fine additions, Karutha Penne's theme is also gaining attention. How did you land upon such a theme?

    My rendition's theme is not related to the original song. People in our country still practise stereotyping on the basis of color. Though the phrase Karutha Penne was lovingly used in the original song, here it takes a slightly different meaning. It talks about beauty irrespective of color. But it doesn't end there. Many people thought the song also says that one need not wear makeup to get acceptance, so the question was why am I wearing makeup in the video. What we are trying to say here is you want to wear makeup , you want to dress a particular way, you want to enjoy your life, it's all your choice and you do it because you like it not because you are expected to do it for a guy or for the society. So in that sense we haven't called anything good or bad here. The theme is multifaceted.

    You have done the cover versions of many songs, which one you feel has been the best among the lot?

    Karutha Penne is definitely one of my favourites due to the love it received. I also have amazing memories of Dil hai ke Maanta Nahi , Kehna hi Kya and Ponveene. Whenever I listen to these songs it takes me back to all the fun I had with my team while making them.

    Karutha Pennes Theme Is Multi-faceted, Sanah Moidutty Speaks Up About The Sensational Song!

    You have had the chance to work with someone like AR Rahman; Can you recollect the experience?

    That's an experience that has played a very important role in my career and life. It was something that happened so suddenly that it took me a while to calm down and process it. The experience is unexplainable. It was spiritual in a way. Sir is my biggest inspiration since childhood. When I got to see the process of his genius so closely, I had to literally pinch myself ! I learnt some important lessons then and I practise them today with better understanding.

    The song went Viral on social media and at the same time, troll videos are also out. How do you take these trolls?

    While making the song , I really hadn't seen this coming . Both the love and the trolls. We just made this rendition like any other song and put it out on the channel. But the response has been unbelievable. When people send me videos of how the song was playing in a cab they travelled, or how they're grooving to it in a party or how it's being played at different venues it makes me really happy. People have connected to it and that's what matters to me. It's a beautiful feeling. As for the trolls, most of them are hilarious! My manager Ben Thomas is a Malayali too. We had a hearty laugh watching them and thinking about the effort that goes into making one. Due to the troll videos, many people went back to check the songs I've been doing on my channel since the last three years and were happy to discover my channel. So I must say everything that has happened has only happened for the good :)

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