Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Save Your Favourite Contestants Nominated In 10th Week!

The weekend episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 had Veena Nair bidding adieu to the show. The house is going through its 64th day and has 11 contestants (taking Amrutha Suresh and Abhiramai Suresh as one contestant) for now. The Monday episode came with an unexpected twist as Bigg Boss called contestants, other than captain Rajith Kumar, in pairs to the confession room.

When Nomination Hits!

• Bigg Boss calls out 2 contestants each to the confession room.
• Asks to discuss and mutually nominate one among them to get evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam

The Team Selected
• Arya and Pashanam Shaji
• Raghu and Sujo Mathew
• Daya and Alina
• Fukru and Reshma
• Alasandra- Amrutha & Abhirami

Nominated Contestants
• Pashanam Shaji
• Raghu
• Daya
• Reshma
• Amrutha & Abhirami

How To Vote For Your Favourite Contestant!

• Install Hotstar app from your respective iOS or Android Smartphones.
• Create an account on the app with email and phone number.
• Click on the search bar and type Bigg Boss Malayalam 2.
• Click on Vote Now and cast vote for your favourite contestant.
• It is to be noted that a single user can cast 50 votes per day.
• Also, the vote can be split between the contestants.

 Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam: Who Will Get Evicted From The House In 9th Week? Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam: Who Will Get Evicted From The House In 9th Week?

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