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      Exclusive: Aditi Balan On Cold Case, Working With Prithviraj Sukumaran & Long Hiatus Post Aruvi's Success!


      One of the highly anticipated films of Prithviraj Sukumaran and Aditi Balan- Cold Case is all set to release on Amazon Prime Video in just two days. Directed by cinematographer-turned-director Tanu Balak, the film revolves around a murder investigation that shockingly has a close link to supernatural elements and dark forces.

      Aditi Balan
      Also featuring a promising cast including Suchitra Pillai, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Alencier and late actor Anil Nedumangad, the film surely has its own novelty, be it the concept, storyline or the inclusion of some of the really talented actors especially Aditi Balan, who is marking her debut in Malayalam with the thriller. It is to be noted that Cold Case marks the actress' first Malayalam film to be released, however, the star's maiden Malayalam film to be shot is Nivin Pauly-starrer Padavettu, which is yet to be released.

      Aditi is best known for her first Tamil film Aruvi (2017), which paved the way to superstardom for her. However, the young promising actress was seen taking a long hiatus of three years and making her comeback with the Tamil anthology film Kutty Story in 2021, which also received huge love from the audience. Well now, as Aditi Balan eagerly awaits the release of her next, she shares her thoughts about her film journey, Cold Case and expectations from its Amazon Prime release during an exclusive tête-à-tête with Filmibeat.

      You started off your acting career with one of the highly acclaimed films Aruvi (2017). But your fans had to wait for almost three years to see you back on screens. Can you share with us the reason?

      Basically, I am very new to the industry. Aruvi was my first film and then it hit like a place where it was too much of a responsibility and pressure for me. So the three years were me understanding that you need not take so much tension. Basically for me to figure out that okay, I can do different roles. So it was a conscious effort to not repeat the kind of roles. I didn't want it to be the same stereotype character.

      Aditi Balan

      So I was looking out for different kind of roles and I think in the three years the scripts that I got were very similar. It was either a female-centric or female-oriented film. So I wanted a change and therefore I was waiting for good interesting scripts. And I guess I didn't find any in three years. So I took the time. I wasn't in any hurry. But honestly, these three years I don't think were a waste of time. I think I learned a lot in these three years. These three years helped me fix it, which is what I actually wanted to do.

      Seeing you in the teaser and trailer, many were reminded of some really bold characters from Malayalam films. What was your reaction post the story narration and how long did it take for you to finally sign on the dotted line?

      Shameer (Shameer Muhammed-one of the producers of Cold Case) had called me up and he told me that there is this script and this is the team working on it. And then Tanu sir called me up and narrated the story. So when I heard the story, I said let me just sleep over it and then I will get back. Then the next day I told him to send up the script and so my mum and I read the script. I thought Okay, as the film has an interesting plot and I thought it was written well, and it is Prithviraj sir who is doing it and it's Malayalam cinema, why wouldn't I want to be a part of it. So I took it up as it came.

      Are you a fan of thrillers?

      Most definitely. I think that's the genre that most audience generally enjoy watching. It's gripping and holds the audience.

      In the teaser and trailer, your character can be seen witnessing some spooky moments. Have you ever experienced such events in real life?

      No. Not really. I don't believe in supernatural power. I haven't really faced anything like that but the max is, I am very scared of darkness. So may be when I am in the dark I have been scared, but not because of supernatural power or anything.

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      Your character in Cold Case is that of a journalist. How did you prepare to soak up the character?

      I did not really prepare for the role as such at all. Honestly speaking, this film is more about the plot and the script itself. So I think every character, be it Prithviraj sir's, my character or any other character, it did not require too much intensity because then the whole plot of it is lost. I thought the plot should move the film forward rather than the character. So I didn't really prep for it.

      Since Cold Case is your first Malayalam film to release, how has people's response been so far?

      It's been great. The fact is that even after Aruvi, a lot of people recognized and appreciated with very touching messages and a lot of people actually knew me through Aruvi, even before I came on Cold Case. So I was like 'wow that's nice'. But you know, to be associated with a team like Prithviraj sir, Anto Joseph sir so that itself gave a good push for me in Malayalam cinema. So it's been great with whatever response I have been receiving.

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      Cold Case is your first direct to OTT release. What are your expectations?

      OTT for me personally is a great space. For me, Aruvi itself reached a much wider audience through OTT than the theatres. So I gained much with the OTT even before the lockdown started. But right now, with the situation we are in, I think OTT release is the best option that we have. For me, I am extremely happy about it because it's reaching a lot of people. My friends abroad will also be able to watch it. So it's a great thing for me and generally, I think OTT space is great for actors. For instance, for Family Man, you have south and north actors, both of them working on one single project. So that's like a great idea to start with. I think that's only going to keep happening more through OTT space.

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