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      Sreenath Bhasi Gets Arrested For Allegedly Insulting An Interviewer


      Sreenath Bhasi is a busy actor, who has about seven upcoming films, all of which are either in production or post-production. During the promotions of his recent release Chattambi, the actor allegedly swore at and insulted the host of the YouTube channel he was giving an interview to. He is said to have behaved rudely with the crew as well off camera, and a complaint was registered with the police on behalf of the YouTube channel.


      The actor was asked to appear at the corresponding police station and he did today, September 26. He has been taken into custody for inquiry. The police have apparently requested for the interview footage and CCTV footage for investigation.

      The actor had given an interview for Red FM on September 23, the release day of his film Chattambi. In the interview, the actor sounded quite disappointed at a question asked by the RJ, and he expresses his disappointment unfiltered. When the RJ tries to transition into the next question, he says something that annoys Sreenath. He snaps at the RJ and says "Don't do that shit. It's disrespectful. Just move on to the question."

      Sreenath Bhasi

      Life of Shazam is a popular YouTube channel that posts reactions and reviews. The guy who runs the channel, Shaz, spoke about the issue. Shaz said that he had worked with Sreenath and has found him to be a great person. He said that he had immense respect and affection for this actor. He explained how Sreenath has been on too many promotional events and shoots and is completely exhausted.

      He added that if it were him in the situation going through an uncomfortable interview as an actor, he would have just said "No, I can't do this. Maybe you can, but I can't" and would have walked away. He said putting down someone, no matter who that person is, is not nice. He further said that he felt very bad while watching Sreenath's interview with Red FM.

      Shaz concluded by saying that these are fun interviews and people could discuss questions in advance and not make stars uncomfortable, as everyone is a human being and is bound to react to things sometimes. He said that everyone needs to be a bit more understanding of each other.

      Watch the clip from Sreenath's interview for Red FM, where he loses his cool, here!

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