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Detective Review

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Suresh Gopi is a natural at playing the role of police officers- quite ones, loud ones, angry ones, elegant ones. He also is very good at playing politicians- good one, bad one, shrewd one, ambitious ones...In Detective, he gets to do both- play the role of a cop and a politician!!! Needless to say, he does them both in style! After a long time, Suresh Gopi is playing dual roles in the film. In Detective, he is Mohan Kumar, a young and ambitious politician who has a seemingly perfect life until his beautiful and equally ambitious wife Reshmi ends up dead. The reason behind the death appears to be suicide. The cops also find a suicide note.

Mohan Kumar also happens to be one of the favorites of the Chief Minister. So, the opposition insists on investigating the suicide. Their first choice is Shyam Prasad. They have a reason for choosing him as the investigating officer. Though Shyam Prasad and Mohan Kumar are half-brothers, there is no love-lost between them. Both cant stand the sight of each other. It is under these stressful conditions that the investigations begin. Slowly, Shyam Prasad realizes the kind of stress that his half-brother was under and the troubles that were cropping up in the marriage. He finds out that the suicide was in fact a murder and that there were some well-known personalities involved in it. Watch the film to find out who the culprits are and what happens to the strained relationship between the siblings.

You cant help but make comparisons with the Mammooty stirrer Oru CBI Diary Kurippu. In fact, Suresh Gopi's mannerisms as officer Shyam Prasad tends to remind a lot of Mammooty. The political backdrop only adds to the comparison. Jithu Joseph, the film's director, had also written the film's script. Everything about the film follows the typical investigative film formula but it is still worth watching simply due to Suresh Gopi's stunning performance. Sindhu Menon is a name to watch out for in the heroine-starved Malayalam film industry. Everybody had executed their roles to perfection. Jithu Joesph has done a commendable work in the film. There is nothing worth mentioning about the films music.

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