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101 Chodyangal - Movie Review

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101 Chodyangal is a touching tale directed by the actor Siddharth Siva. Though it was his first venture, 101 Chodyangal won awards for Best First Film of a Director and Best Child Artist. The story revolves around a school assignment given to a class V student to frame 101 questions.

Anilkumar (Minon), a class V student, is a very smart and intelligent guy. His father Sivanandan loses his job in a sugar mill as he was the leader of the striking employees. Sivanandan also has a mentally challenged daughter Anagha (Baby Diya). His wife Sati (Lena) does manual labour under the Government's Employment Guarantee Scheme, an only means of family income. Anil had his mid-day meal from the school.

Unfortunately, one day the mid-day meal was suddenly stopped due to lack of funds and the children who could afford to bring food were requested to bring it and even share it with others. Anilkumar promises his favourite teacher Mukundan Master (Indrajith) that he too will bring his share of food. On the first day, Anilkumar manages to get the food from his mother, but the next day he does not go to school because his mother refuses to give him food. Mukundan Master convince Anilkumar that he can attend classes even if he cannot bring food.

Mukundan Master comes to know that Anilkumar is a proficient student. So, he gives Anilkumar an interesting task to test his endurance and confidence. Master asks him to frame 101 questions regarding different facets of life and their answers, so that they could be sold out at the market in the form of a book. Mukundan promises the child Rs 1 for each meaningful question.

The curious and vibrant Anilkumar starts his quest for 101 questions. After a long struggle, Anilkumar manages to assemble his 101 questions with their answers. But the last question he finds out leaves everyone into surprise.

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101 Chodyangal

101 Chodyangal is told from the perspective of a young boy. The movie works out slowly and steadily into our minds. 101 Chodyangal do not have huge dialogue delivery, romance, melodrama and even comedy, but still the movie captures one's heart.


Indrajith has showed a measured performance in this movie. We have seen him in different roles, but his Mukundan Master is sure to fetch him great applause and he deserves it.

Lena Abhilash

Lena was more popular as a Television artist. But now the actress has become more popular in films too. Her notable character roles can be marked in movies like Traffic, Ee Adutha Kalathu, etc.

Siddharth Siva

Siddharth is more popular as a comedian. His first directorial venture can be regarded as one of the best movie ever happened in the industry. Lots more to come from his way.


With respect to performances, everyone is consistently good. Master Minon, Indrajith as his teacher and Lena as his mother, all showed measured performances. Other characters have also shown their best.


A very much acceptable movie and a to-be watched film indeed! Hats off to Siddharth Siva and his team for 101 Chodyangal. It is obviously a watchable movie.

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