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Bharya Athra Pora - Movie Review

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Director Akku Akbar has earlier teamed up with actors Jayaram, Gopika, Girish Kumar and Shyam Dharam in the Malayalam movie Veruthe Oru Bharya, which became one of the big hits in 2008. Now, same team has comeback with the movie Bharya Athra Pora, which has hit the marquee on Friday. This film has been made on the same line, with predictable plot, but it is better than their last offering.

Bharya Athra Pora is a family drama film, and Jayaram and Gopika's performances are the main highlights of the film. Girish Kumar's screenplay, Shyam Dharam's music, Jibu Jacob's cinematography are its other attractions in the film. The routine and predictable story is the one big drawback of the movie.

The storyline of Bharya Athra Pora is similar to that of Veruthe Oru Bharya. The movie is all about how a lazy husband harasses his wife, who gets frustrated with his careless life. It is a tale of reformation of a man, who almost ruins his family life in booze and wome, and eventually tries to retrieve what he has lost.

The movie, which throws light on a few contemporary issues, lacks freshness and an element of surprise is missing in the plot. The suffering, sacrifice and selfless generosity of a woman have been shown on screen many times earlier. At times, the movie is very convincing and offers a beautiful message to the society, which has been exploiting woman for years.

Satyanathen (Jayaram) is a teacher at Vivekodayam school in Thrissur. He is leading happy life with wife Priya (Gopika), who is a bank employee. But over a period of time, he develops lazy and careless attitude towards his job and commitments following his frequent booze parties with his friends. This takes a toll on his family and professional life. What happens next will from the crux of the film.

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The variation in Jayaram's character is one of the main highlights in the movie Bharya Athra Pora. Although it has tried and tested theme, there are several interesting moments, which will entertain you.


Jayaram, who is one of the most talented actors in Malayalam film industry, has carried out his role effortlessly. As a lazy husband, he has delivered a brilliant performance. Gopika has got very good scope for her role and she has done justice to her role. It is a pleasure to watch the couple's acting on screen. Aju Varghese, Sunil Sugatha, Balachandran Chullikad, Sanju, Jayaraj Warrier, Kalabhavan Salim and Reena Basheer have also done good jobs.

Technical Values Of Bharya Athra Pora

Bharya Athra Pora has sound production elements. Shyam Dharam's music is the main highlight in technical front. Jibu Jacob's picturisation is good and is one of the biggest strengths of the film. Lijo Paul's editing is also commendable.


Overall, Bharya Athra Pora is a usual family entertainer with a few twist and turns. Jayaram and Gopika are saving grace for the film. If you are fan of either of Jayaram and Gopika, don't miss it.

Cast And Crew

Producer: Anto Joseph
Director: Akku Akbar
Cast: Jayaram, Gopika, Aju Varghese, Sunil Sugatha, Balachandran Chullikad, Sanju, Jayaraj Warrier, Kalabhavan Salim and Reena Basheer
Music: Shyam Dharam
Camera work: Jibu Jacob
Release date: May 3, 2013

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