Idukki Gold Movie Review - An Average Fare


    Idukki Gold, directed by Aashiq Abu is a simple story with an engaging plot and narrated in a soothing manner. Filled with nostalgic moments, Idukki Gold takes you to the past and then again to the present over and over again with effortless ease.

    Idukki Gold is like a fresh wave of breeze considering the offbeat and run off the mill twists that many of the recently released Malayalam movies offer. There is a certain element of novelty in the narrative that stands out. There is no hard hitting climax or unexpected twists in Idukki Gold. You are taken very smoothly from the start to the end. It's a film of friendship and everlasting bond - a story that every individual can relate to.

    Idukki Gold, which is being marketed as a nostalgic movie is not as emotional as it claims to be, and that can be one of the drawbacks. While the first half is interesting and funny in parts, the second half is long and drags a bit.

    Idukki Gold is the story of five friends and an important person in their life. The film marks the return of Raveendran, who was an integral part of many successful Tamil and Malayalam films of 80s.

    Idukki Gold essays the life of an NRI named Michael (Prathap Pothan), who returns to his village to find his old friends and to lead a normal life away from the hustle-bustle of the city. He gives an advertisement in a newspaper to find his friends from school.

    Flashback shows five spirited school boys who are great friends studying in a school in the pristine hills of Cheruthoni in Idukki. Idukki Gold revolves around the problems which that advertisement creates in Michael's life.

    The entire star cast have given a wonderful performance and it would be wrong to single out any one actor.

    The natural beauty of Idukki is captured beautifully by the lens of Shyju Khalid.

    Songs are hummable, especially the title song by Bijpal. It blends beautifully with the overall plot of the movie. Other songs are average.

    Idukki Gold is an average film, but is worth watching this weekend for an old generation story narrated in a novel way.

    Cast: Vijayaraghavan, Prathap K Pothan, Raveendran, Babu Antony and Maniyanpilla Raju
    Director: Aashiq Abu

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