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      Silence Movie Review - Fails To Impress As A Thriller!

      By Ajin Krishna
      What happens when we step out of the movie hall wondering what was the motive behind the making of the movie we just saw? Well, to my mind there's just an answer. The movie was made as an experimentation of underwater fight scenes and reverse car chasing scenes. I am talking about VK Prakash's latest offering titled Silence with none other than Mammootty, the megastar, in the lead. Touted as a thriller, the movie thrills you to a decent level in the first half, and falls flat in the later half.

      Aravind Chandrasekhar (Mammootty) is the newly appointed judge in the Karnataka High Court. In his dream run career as an advocate, Aravind has never lost a case nor has bad remarks. He is happily living with his wife Sangeetha (Pallavi) and their adorable children Arya and Aditya. Things take a turn when Aravind had to visit his hometown in Kerala to attend a festival. One day, while happily chatting with his family members, Aravind gets a call from an anonymous person asking him to get ready for a hide and seek game. Aravind slips it off his mind as a prank call, but later when he feels he and his family is targeted by somebody for something, he seeks the help of his close friend Neil George (Anoop Menon), an IPS officer. In the hunt for finding out the culprit behind the threatening calls, Aravind comes to know that he should dig his past to reveal the mystery surrounding his life that could ruin his career itself. Will Aravind succeed in solving it? Answer for this question lies in the rest of the story.

      Mammootty as usual has given out a splendid performance in the role of Aravind Chandrasekhar. He tries his best to carry the movie in his shoulders whenever the script falters. Anoop Menon as Neil George IPS has done justice to his role. Pallavi makes a decent debut in Malayalam through the role of Aravind's wife Sangeetha. Special mention goes to the child artist in the role of Aditya for giving a wonderful performance. Rest of the actors including Aparna Nair (Liji), Basil (John), Joy Mathew (Markos), Ravi Vallathol, Raghavan, Prakash Bare, etc have given out decent performances.

      Technical Aspects
      Turning to the technical aspects, cinematography by Manoj Kumar Katoi is good and has moments to cheer for. Music by Ratheesh Wega doesn't create an impact, and BGM seems unsuitable for some scenes. Dialogues of the movie are well written, but most of them fail to impress.

      Scripting by YT Rajesh can be termed as a negative as it just thrills you in the first half and almost falls from grip throughout the second half. Director should have kept more focus on the storyline rather than focusing on the variety in chasing and fight scenes.

      On the whole, Silence fails to impress the viewers as a thriller flick, which is the basic purpose of such movies.

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