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Sringara Velan Movie Review - A Festive Treat For Dileep Fans

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What we expect from a Dileep-Lal-Shajon-Baburaj combo is a fun filled rollercoaster ride from the word go! Unfortunately, the first half is a bit lengthy and not as entertaining and engaging as expected, since the 'comedy' element is a bit lacking here. Sringara Velan is three hours long and since it is not as funny as Dileep's previous films, the audience will be a little disheartened.

In spite of its negative points, Sringara Velan is not a complete disappointment as it is a mass entertainer. The film is likely to do very well among the kids and women audience of Dileep.

Sringara Velan is a comedy packed entertainer in which Dileep plays the lead role, while Babu Namboothiri plays the role of his father who is a weaver. He sends his son Kannan played by Dileep to study fashion designing, but Dileep has some other plans. His ambition is to become very rich and accumulate as much wealth as possible. Though he tries many different ways to make money, he fails.

This creates tensions between the father and son. Rasda is his love interest and Yesu is his partner in crime. The various characters in the film gets into all sorts of problems and the way in which they free themselves out of all these problems form the crux of the plot. The humourous turn of events in the film leave you in splits.

Sringara Velan is a typical festival film meant to entertain the audience. Don't expect too much, but go for it!

Cast: Dileep, Vedhika, Lal, Baburaj, Babu Namboodiri, Ambika Mohan
Director: Jose Thomas
Producer: Jason Elagulam
Music Director: Berny Ignatious

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Dileep-Lal-Shajon-Baburaj Combo

Dileep-Lal-Shajon-Baburaj are extremely funny and the audience just can't stop laughing when the trio appear on screen! The scene in which Lal appears on the screen as an astrologer is hilarious!


The plot becomes a romantic drama the moment Vedhika enters the scene. Director Jose Thomas should have instead stuck to the comedy genre as that is exactly what the audience is expecting from this Dileep-Lal-Shajon-Baburaj combination.

Not A Romantic Fighter

The tagline says 'Romantic Fighter'. However, there is only one fighting scene and that too in the climax!

Double Meanings

As in most of Dileep's movies, Sringara Velan too has many double meaning dialogues which might make you a little uncomfortable.

Performance - Dileep

Dileep, as usual is a delight to watch. His expressions and comic timing are impeccable. However, Dileep fumbles a little this time as far as the comedy element is concerned. His role might remind you of that of his previous film Karyastan.

Performance - Lal

Lal is absolutely brilliant and will not disappoint the audience at all. However, how we wish that his character was lengthier!

Performance – Shajon, Baburaj

Shajon's chemistry with Dileep is outstanding. He's crazy, funny and adorable and so is Baburaj.

Performance - Vedhika

Normally, actresses don't have much score in a comedy film like this. Vedhika, however has done a very commendable job and will definitely find a place for herself in the hearts of the moviegoers. She had too much of make-up on her and that could have been avoided.


Music by Berny Ignatious is a disappointment. There is not a single track that you would like to hum.


Cinematography is commendable. The background location is good as it suits the plot of the film. The various camera angles that the cameraman takes is worth appreciating.


At least 15-20 minutes of editing would have been possible and that would have made the film more crispier.

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