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      7th Day Movie Review - Do Not Miss This!

      By Ajin Krishna

      7th Day, Prithviraj starrer movie is the directorial debut of Shyamdhar. The movie penned by debutant Akhil Paul is a well made, well executed thriller with a brilliantly maintained suspense element.

      The movie begins on a Christmas eve with the intro of David Abraham IPS (Prithviraj) , a special investigative officer of Crime branch who is under suspension. On the way David's jeep gets to a minor accident with a bike, the bike travellers being Vinu Ramachandran (Anu Mohan) and Shaan (Vinay Fort).

      In the accident, Vinu gets a small injury in the forehead. David gets them to a nearby hospital from where Vinu goes missing. David and Shaan searches for him in the entire town, but in vain. The next day David comes to know that Vinu has committed suicide when he travels to Vinu's home to return the wallet he forgot in the jeep. On questioning Shaan, David gets to know about the other three friends of their group Eby (Tovino Thomas), Jessica (Janani Iyer) and Cyril Philip (Praveen Prem).

      Then follows the flashback story of the five friends who gets into trouble when Cyril loots crores of counterfeit money of a Mafia gang, which they had placed safely in the Computer Centre run by Vinu. Charlie (Yog Bajee) , one of the members of the mafia and his gang is behind them to find out the money. What plans do the friends have to safeguard them? Will David find out the mystery of Vinu's suicide? Answer lies in rest of the movie.

      Prithviraj is in his dashing salt n pepper style for 7th Day. His screen presence is a treat to watch. Though in the first portions, the dialogue delivery felt an artificiality, the later portions were well managed. The young actors including Tovino, Vinay Forrt, Praveen and Anu Mohan did manage to do well with their characters. The female lead Janani Iyer too did justice to her role. Joy Mathew (Bhattathiri) and Yog Bajee, though for a smaller screen space, have done justice to their roles.

      Technical Aspects

      Cinematography by Sujith Vasudev is a visual treat. Most of the movie is taken in the backdrop of night and he has done extremely well to capture the frames splendidly.

      Music by Deepak Dev is good. Though the songs fail to create a long lasting impact on the audience, the BGM is highly engaging and full on energy.

      Though there are portions in the movie, mainly in the first half flashback scenes, which lags at parts, the director and scriptwriter has managed to give out an engaging thriller. The climax suspense elements have been well maintained throughout the movie, making the viewers curious to think what shall happen next.


      On the whole, 7th Day is a movie worth your money and time. And anyone who loves to watch the thriller genre with high suspense elements, don't give this a miss.

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