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      Pakida - Movie Review - A Watchable Thriller

      By Ajin Krishna
      Sunil Karyattukara's latest offering Pakida, with Asif Ali and Biju Menon in the lead is a decent watchable thriller, which could have been much bettered with a thorough re check on the script and direction.


      The story of Pakida begins in Kerala showing a group of youngsters enjoying their life with cigarettes and alcohol. The group is led by Aadhi (Asif Ali), son of a workshop owner Raveendran (P Balachandran). They give less consideration to family and more to friendship. Things take a turn on a Christmas eve while celebrating with alcohol, Rafeeq (Vishnu Raghav) falls from the top of the building. They rush him to the nearby hospital, but comes to know they need a huge sum of money in order to save his life.


      Aadhi decides to steal and sell a car from his dad's workshop and meets George Koshy Anthraper (Biju Menon) who is in need of a car. Anthraper accepts the price of Rs 2 lakhs for the car put forward by Aadhi, but on a condition that Aadhi should accompany him for a journey to Madurai. Without any choice left, Aadhi agrees to it and they set out on a journey to Madurai in the car. What is Anthraper's motive of the journey? Why has he insisted Aadhi to accompany him? Answer for these lies in the rest of the story which is told in the backdrop of Madurai in a thriller mood.


      Asif Ali as Aadhi does complete justice to his role. Though Asif's act resembles much of his previous characters, he is enjoyable in the role. Biju Menon as George Koshy Anthraper is stylish in his looks, and delivers a good act throughout. talking about heroines of the movie, first being Apoorva as Pooja has nothing much to do, other than talking over phone to Aadhi twice or thrice and to accompany Aadhi to a coffee shop. Second heroine of the movie is Malavika as Kani, who does her role well. Other cast of the movie including P Balachandran, Aju Varghese, Vishnu Raghav, Anjo Jose, Sajid, Shine Tom Chacko (Sunny) and others have done needful for their roles.

      Technical Aspects

      The main positive of the movie lies in the music by Bijibal. Though an item song is included in the first half of the movie, which is worth for nothing, the other two songs are hummable. Background score is energetic and helps the movie much whenever the script falters.

      Cinematography by Sameer Haq is yet another positive for the movie. Sameer proves to be a notable talent with rich visuals and excellent camera angles.

      Script by Sreejith and Rajesh needed a lot more attention. Many characters didn't have an in-depth character. Also many of them seemed missing as the plot went forward. A re-touch on the script could have helped to enhance the thrilling elements of the movie.

      Direction too can be taken on a negative note. Though there were moments to cherish in the movie, the movie did lag at parts. The length of the movie could have been trimmed as many unwanted sequences were told in the same slow pace the movie carried through.


      Even with these negatives, Pakida remains to be a decent watchable thriller. It may not satisfy the thriller lover in you to the full, but the movie carries its moments and won't disappoint you much, if seen with less expectations.

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