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Lailaa O Lailaa Movie Review: A Test To Test Your Patience!

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Lailaa O Lailaa is a romantic thriller, which stars Mohanlal in the lead role. The movie, directed by Joshiy, stars Amala Paul in the female lead. Suresh Nair pens the script. Lailaa O Lailaa is produced by Santhosh Kottayi, Bijou Anthony, and Preetha Nair, under the banner Finecut Entertainments.

Lailaa O Lailaa Plot

Jayamohan is an exporting executive, who works for an exporting company. He is a divorcee. His wife (Remya Nambeesan) leaves him due his workaholic nature. Later, Anjali (Amala Paul) enters his life. The couple soon falls in love and enters wedlock, without the consent of Anjali's father, Dr. Menon (Joy Mathew).

Around the same time, the Government of India forms a shadow wing under the National Intelligence Agency, following the Mumbai terrorists attacks. The prime aim of the wing is to prevent the terrorist activities in the country. After a series of incidents, Jayamohan is revealed to be an INA agent and Shaheed Khadar (Sathyaraj), his chief.

The duo is under a mission to seize a notorious terrorist, who has been attempting to break the security of the country. The mission starts affecting Jai's family life. How Jai manages to save the country and his family forms the crux of the story.

Cast And Performances

Mohanlal, who plays Jayamohan aka Jai, plays his part to near perfection. The actor's exuberant performance doesn't save the movie. Amala Paul completely fits in the role Anjali and shares a good chemistry with Mohanlal. But the actress has nothing much to do in the movie.

Sathyaraj brilliantly portrays Shaheed Khadar. Joy Mathew disappoints with the cliched side-kick role. It is time for the actor to try something different.  

The supporting cast including Rahul Dev, Junaid Sheikh, Ashwin Mathew, Vijay Menon, Kiran Raj, Sreerag Nambiar, Abhijith Paul, Remya Nambeesan, Kainaat Arora and, Anjali Upasana, are fine in their roles.

Lailaa O Lailaa Script And Direction

Popular Bollywood scenarist Suresh Nair makes his Malayalam movie debut with Lailaa O Lailaa. Despite the initial hype, the scenarist completely fails to impress with the loosely-packed screenplay, which is based on a boring plot.

The movie impresses with the comparatively better first half, which is rich with the racy visualization, romance, and high voltage action sequences. But the second half totally disappoints with the irritatingly cliched twists and a highly predictable climax.

It is the third consecutive disappointing venture of the veteran filmmaker Joshiy. The director proves that he is still young to direct a perfect thriller movie, the poor screenplay badly affects his craft.

We hope the hitmaker will wisely choose his future projects and come back in full swing soon.

Technical Aspects

S Lokanathan's cinematography perfectly creates the ambiance for a romantic thriller, with the brilliant visualization.

Editing by Shyam Sasidharan fails to meet the standards, as the 2 hours 50 minutes long movie has a lot of unwanted scenes, which have helped only to increase the duration.

Lailaa O Lailaa Songs And Background Score

The songs composed by Gopi Sundar fails to meet the expectations. But the National Award winner scores with the decent background score, which perfectly blends in with the situations.

Movie In Brief

The movie, which revolves around the terrorism-intelligence agent-romance drama, might impress the die-hard Mohanlal fans with the racy stunt sequences and romance.

But the movie completely fails to cater to the normal audience and movie lovers, who love to watch Mohanlal in earthly, performance oriented characters.

Once again, it has been proved that no stardom and technical brilliance can save a movie, with a soul-less script.


Yet again, a terrorism based romantic action thriller which will largely test your patience.

Mohanlal As Jayamohan

Mohanlal plays Jayamohan, an under-cover intelligence agent, who is in a secret mission.

Amala Paul As Anjali

Amala Paul plays Anjali, the girl who accidently enters Jayamohan's life.

Sathyaraj As Shaheed Khadar

Sathyaraj essays Shaheed Khadar, Jayamohan's chief.

Direction- Joshiy

The movie is directed by veteran filmmaker Joshiy, who has been in the industry for almost past 3 decades.

Script- Suresh Nair

The movie is penned by Suresh Nair, the popular Bollywood scenaris, who rose to popularity with the movie Kahaani.

Finecut Entertainments

The movie is produced by Santhosh Kottayi, Bijou Anthony and Preetha Nair, under the banner Finecut Entertainments.

Supporting Cast

Joy Mathew, Rahul Dev, Junaid Sheikh, Ashwin Mathew, Vijay Menon, Remya Nambeesan, Kainaat Arora, Anjali Upasana etc essays the other pivotal roles.

Technical Aspects

S Lokanathan handles the cinematography. Editing is handled by Shyam Sasidharan.

Songs And Background Score

National Award winner Gopi Sundar composes the songs and background score for the movie.


An action-packed romantic thriller from the popular actor-director duo Mohanlal and Joshiy.

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