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Nee-Na Movie Review: You'll Fall In Love With Her

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Nee-Na, is a women-centric movie, directed by Lal Jose. Deepti Sati and Ann Augustine plays the title roles Neena and Nalini. Vijay Babu essays a pivotal role. Nee-Na is penned by popular ad filmmaker R Venugopal. The movie is produced by Lal Jose himself, under the banner LJ Films.

Nee-Na Plot

Neena is an independent, bold, tomboyish and chronic alcoholic young woman, who works for an advertising agency named Maithri. Her boss is Vinay Paniker, a soft-spoken, sophisticated man. He leads a contented family life with his lovely wife Nalini and their only son.

Vinay is extremely attached to Nalini. Nalini is a highly feminine, orthodox, simple lady who strongly believes in the cultural and moral values. Nalini and Neena and extremely contrast personalities, who are as different as chalk and cheese..

When it comes to work, Neena is a genius. Her friends are mostly men and that too from the different levels of society. Neena and Vinay develops a soft corner for each other right from their first meeting.

Later, Vinay decides to bring some fresh air into the life of Neena. But slowly, the effects of smoking and alcohol starts ruining her health. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Cast And Performances

Deepti Sati makes a fantastic debut as the central character. She succeeds in fitting completely into the character like an experienced artist and leaves no marks of a debutante. Deepti confirms that she is here to stay.

Vinay Babu shines as Vinay Paniker by delivering the best performance of his career. He is perfect as a man who struggles between two women, his wife, and colleague.

Ann Augustine makes a perfect comeback as the well-matured Nalini. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her perfect home-maker get up and scores with her well-toned acting skills.

The rest of the star cast, including Lena, Chemban Vinod Jose, Sunil Sukhadha, Martin Prakat, Vinu Mohan, Rajesh etc have perfectly played their characters.

Script And Direction

The screenplay beautifully narrates the story of two women, who are extremely different personalities and a man, who gets caught between them.

The first half is engaging with the interesting developments in the plot. But the second half, which revolves around the rehabilitation of the lead character, looks more like a documentary. But at the same time, it doesn't give a preachy feel for the audience.

Lal Jose has done a brilliant job with the perfect casting and wonderful narration of the film. He once again proves that he is a one kind of filmmaker, who can surprise his audience with the versatility of the subjects he picks.

Technical Aspects

Jomon T John, the cinematographer of the movie, has doubtlessly done a fabulous job. He has made the movie a complete visual treat with his extraordinary frames.

Ranjan Abraham's editing is just okay, as the movie falls in to low pace at certain points.

Sameera Saneesh, who handled the costume designing, has perfectly styled each character, which has made the character sketching much easier.

Songs And Background Score

Debutante Nikhil J Menon's songs perfectly suit the mood of the movie, which is an urban story.

Bijibal once again proves that he is the best when it comes to the background scoring. The main highlight of the movie is its brilliant background score, which creates the right mood for each situations.


A discrete yet heart-warming movie experience, strongly recommended for those who take cinema seriously.

Check out the slides to know some interesting facts about the cast and crew members of Nee-Na

Deepti Sati As Neena

Deepti Sati, the former Miss Kerala, is making her acting debut as Neena. Deepti chopped her long hair and practiced the mannerisms of alcoholics and smokers, for the perfection of her role.

Ann Augustine As Nalini

Ann Augustine, the state award winning actress, makes a comeback to acting after a short gap, with Nee-Na. Interestingly, Ann's husband Jomon is handling the cinematography of the movie.

Vijay Babu And Vinay Paniker

Vijay Babu, the actor-producer essays Vinay Paniker. This is the first independent lead role of the actor, who has been doing minimal roles in his previous films.

Direction: Lal Jose

Nee-Na is the 22nd directorial venture of Lal Jose, who made his debut with the movie Oru Maravathur Kanavu. Nee-Na is produced by the director himself, under the banner LJ Films.

Written By R Venugopal

Nee-Na is penned by popular ad filmmaker R Venugopal. He is the owner of the Kochi-based ad film agency Maithri. Venugopal has also penned lyrics for the English songs of the movie.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast includes Lena, Chemban Vinod Jose, Martin Prakkat, Sunil Sukhadha, Vinu Mohan, Rajesh etc. Popular filmmaker Martin Prakkat makes his acting debut with the movie. Vinu Mohan makes a comeback after a long gap.

Technical Aspects

Jomon T John handles the cinematography. He is teaming up with Lal Jose, for the third time in his career. Editing is done by Ranjan Abraham. Costumes are designed by Sameera Saneesh.

Songs And Background Score

Songs of the film are composed by debutante Nikhil J Menon. The movie has 3 songs, including 2 English songs.

Background score is composed by National Award winning musician Bijibal.

Voice Actors

Lead actress Deepti Sati's voice is dubbed by Raveena Ravi, the daughter of popular dubbing artist Sreeja Ravi. Raveena has recently dubbed for Nayantara in Bhaskar The Rascal as well.


A discrete yet heart-warming movie experience, strongly recommended for those who take cinema seriously.

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