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10 Kalpanakal Movie Review: A Watchable Thriller!

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Renowned editor Don Max's debut directorial venture, 10 Kalpanakal, has hit the theatres today (November 25, 2016). The film has Anoop Menon and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles.

10 Kalpanakal has been jointly produced by Jiji Anchani, Manu Padmanabhan Nair, Jacob Kotipuram, Antony, Biju Thoranathel and Mezwin Zacharis under the banner Shutter Bugs.

10 kalpanakal Movie Review!


10 Kalpanakal is a murder mystery tale that takes you through the different stages of the life of the protagonist named Davis George. Davis George leads a happy life with his wife and children but a murder of a girl that occurs in their neighbourhood changes his life. Shazia Akbar, a police officer enters the scene after years and what happens rest has been conveyed in an intruguing fashion in 10 Kalpanakal.

Read on to know how the cast & crew members of the film have fared for the movie..

Director - Don Max

Renowned editor Don Max has turned a director with 10 Kalpanakal. He has made a decent debut as a director, but still, there are certain areas in the movie where he has lost the control over the movie. Still, the director manages to thrill you with a decent presentation.

Anoop Menon As Davis George

Anoop Menon plays the role of a forest officer named Davis George. His character moves through different phases and the actor has given an impressive performance, especially in the emotional sequences.

Meera Jasmine As Shazia Akbar

The film marks the powerful comeback of Meera Jasmine, after a brief break. The actress appears as Shazia Akbar, who is in the investigation of a case. Meera Jasmine looked confident in the police uniform and has made a decent comeback.

Kaniha As Sara

Kaniha, who is choosy about the project that she commits, plays the character of Sara in the film. Her role isn't that well written but the actress does well in the role.

Joju George As Vakkachan

It has been quite some time since we saw actor Joju George in an entirely different role. 10 Kalpanakal has Joju George as Inchikkal Vakkachan. The actor has given a solid performance adding some unique mannerisms.

Prasanth Narayan As Victor

Prasanth Narayanan is a really talented actor and he was the perfect choice for the character Victor, who is a medical representative. He imparts that fear factor to the character with his peculiar kind of presentation.

Rest Of The Cast

The film also features actors like Kavitha Nair, Thammpi Antony, Rits Badiani in important roles. Thampi Antony was a miscast for the role whereas Rits Badiani has put up a good performance.

Script - Don Max, Shijin Jose, Sangeeth Jain

10 Kalpanakal has its story written by Don Max and the movie has been jointly scripted by Don Max, Sangeeth Jain and Shijin Jose. There are elements for thrill in the entire script. But, they could have tried to add more intriguing elements in the first half of the film, where the proceedings leave the audiences disinterested at times. But, once again, kudos to them for taking up such a subject and putting up a decent show.

Other Technicalities

Cinematography of the film has been handled by Kishore Mani. He has done a good job in capturing some nice frames and has helped in maintaining the mood of the movie. The film has its songs set to tune by Mithun Eswar. Only the song Ammapoovinum.. sung by S Janaki remains hummable. The title song is forgettable.

Overall View

Well, 10 Kalpanakal is a decent effort, considering the fact that it has a host of youngsters and debutantes behind the camera. The film has its heart at the right place and has addressed a very important social issue.

The narrative pattern is interesting but the first half of the film moves at a slow pace and certain predictablity factor prevails. This might leave all those who watch plenty of Hollywood movies disinterested. In the second half, especially in the climax sequences, the thrilling and engaging factor surges to new heights. And that is where the film scores pretty well.


10 Kalpanakal is a decent effort that will thrill you at parts. The film is definitely a watchable thriller that won't leave you disappointed, upto some extent.

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