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1971 Beyond Borders Movie Review: A War Drama That Thrills At Parts!

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1971 Beyond Borders is the war drama, which stars Mohanlal in the lead role. The movie, which is the fourth instalment of Major Mahadevan series, is written and directed by Major Ravi. 1971 Beyond Borders is produced by Red Rose Creations.

1971 Beyond Borders Story

Mahadevan, the brave army officer has now been promoted to a Colonel and is currently serving the UN Peace Keeping Force, in Georgia. He meets a Pakistani soldier named Ajmal during his duty period.

Colonel Mahadevan soon realises the unique bonding between his father Major Sahadevan and Ajmal's late father Colonel Raja. The story then shifts to the 1971 India-Pakistan war period and depicts the story of Sahadevan and Colonel Raja's brilliance on the war field.

Cast & Crew

Mohanlal as Colonel Mahadevan & Major Sahadevan

Mohanlal, who appears as Colonel Mahadevan and Major Sahadevan, is the backbone of the movie. He carries the movie on his shoulders and amazes with the extraordinary performance.

The actor's unmatchable screen presence and exceptional dialogue delivery are the most important factors which keep the audiences engaged throughout the movie.

Script & Direction: Major Ravi

Major Ravi, the writer-director fails to create an impact with the fourth outing of Major Mahadevan series. In short, the movie is a disappointing mashup of the first three outings of the series. Except the brilliantly shot war sequences involving military tanks and a few emotional sequences, the director fails to impress.

The dialogues by Shiju Nambyath are effective at places, but unbearably overdramatic at most of the portions.

Cinematography: Sujith Vasudev

Sujith Vasudev's extraordinary visualisation is another biggest plus point of the movie. The cinematographer has shown his brilliance in certain war sequences, which demanded a truly spectacular visualisation.

Arunoday Singh as Colonel Raja

Arunoday Singh, the Bollywood actor makes a fantastic debut as Colonel Raja, the brave Pakistan soldier who develops a special bonding with Major Sahadevan. The actor has totally shined in the combination sequences with Mohanlal.

Allu Sirish as Lieutenant Chinmay

Allu Sirish was totally wasted in the role of Lieutenant Chinmay, a happy-go-lucky yet talented young soldier. The actor has got a very scope to perform in the movie, which is disappointing.

Asha Sharath as Parvathy

Asha Sharath appears as Major Sahadevan's wife and Colonel Mahadevan's mother, Parvathy. The actor has nothing much to do in her minimal role.

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast, including Renji Panicker, Devan, Sudheer Karamana, Saiju Kurup, Krishna Kumar, Manikuttan, Kozhikode Narayanan Nair, Shaji, Balaji, Priyanka Agarwal, Zoya Zayed, Srushti Dange, etc., just come and go without holding any importance in the narration.

Background Score: Gopi Sundar

Gopi Sundar, the National award-winning music director fails to make a mark with his background score this time. The over-dramatic BGM fails to provide a life to the suffocating narrative.

Songs (From left to right): Siddharth Vipin, Rahum Subramanian & Najim Arshad

Siddharth Vipin, Najim Arshad, and Rahul Subramanian have composed the songs. Except Oruvaakkinal and Pesipokuthu, none of the songs create an impression.

Editing: Samjith MHd

Samjith MHd's editing is not up to the marks, as the movie severely lags at several points, especially in the first half. The over-lengthy family sequences and misplaced songs are major minus points.

Other Technical Aspects

Salu K George, who has handled the art direction of the movie, has succeeded in creating a perfect ambience for the movie, especially 1971 sequences. Costume designer Sai has also done his part to the near perfection. The VFX by team Panache is up to the marks.


A disappointing mashup of the highly-appreciated prequels, Keerthichakra, Kurukshetra, and Kandahar. Try at your own risk..!!!

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