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    Joseph Review: Mystery, Thrill & Emotions All Served With Perfection!

    Star Cast: Joju George, Soubin Shahir, Dileesh Pothan, Irshad, Sudhi Koppa
    Director: M Padmakumar

    The poster and the teaser of Joseph had some elements raising curiosity in them and thus promising something unique and special. Has Joseph turned out to be a film that has lived upto the promises? Read Joseph review to know more about the same.

    The plot of Joseph surrounds around the protagonist of the same name, who is a retired police officer. Even at a later stage, the department seeks his service in solving some of the cases as such are his skills. The film takes us through Joseph's personal life, which is indeed a tragic one and at the same time, it also takes a case of which he becomes a part of.

    Joseph Review: Mystery, Thrill & Emotions All Served With Perfection!

    Joseph can rightly be tagged as a crime-drama with the emotional, mystery and suspense elements in the right proportions. Not often do we get to see films which maintain the proper balance between these genres without going overboard and in Joseph, we have a film that is spot on target. The script of the film, which has been penned by Shahi Kabeer, is a tightly-packed one giving way for no loopholes. The proceedings are conveyed in a convincing way and even the investigation sequences in the film do not defy logic.

    M Padmakumar is one such film-maker who could take up intense subjects and present it on screen with the same amount of intensity. With Joseph, the film-maker is back to top form, as he comes up with a package that is fool-proof upto some extent. The way in which he takes us through the past and present is catchy and even without spoonfeeding, the director conveys the right tension and emotions to the audiences.

    Words would be less to describe the sparkline performance of Joju George who has made a big jump as a lead hero with utmost conviction. It is never an easy character to portray with the role demanding the actor to go through the different periods of the character's life. He has done the same to perfection and we get to see the actor in him sparkling above everyone else. The film-maker has selected the right actors for every role and the entire star cast comprising of actors like Irshad, Sudhi Kopa, Malavika Menon, Dillesh Pothan, Athmeya, etc., have come up with a fine job.

    Songs of the film set to tune by Renjin Raj have already gained big attention and they gel so well with the movie. Cinematography by Maneesh Madhavan is top notch.

    Joseph is one such movie that scores equally high marks in the performances, making and the scripting sides. Definitely, this film has everything in it to keep your interest invested in throughout.

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