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    Kammara Sambhavam Review: Satirical Connection Between History And Lies!

    Star Cast: Dileep, Siddharth Narayan, Simarjeet Singh Nagra, Namitha Pramod, Simhaa
    Director: Ratheesh Ambat

    Kammara Sambhavam is the big release of the day (April 14, 2018). The film is one among most awaited movies of the year. The posters and the teasers of Kammara Sambhavam, which haven't revealed much about the plot or the exact genre, have definitely raised curisouty and excitement in the minds of the audiences and kept them on their toes. Now, the film is out in the theatres. Let's wait and see what Kammara Sambhavam is all about and how the film has turned out to be.

    Kammara Sambhavam Review


    Kammaran Nambiar is the senior most member of a party named ILP, which doesn't have much power now. A group of Liquor barons decide to make a film based on the life of Kammaran for various reasons and they rope in a film-maker from Tamil. The events that follow have been narrated in a special manner in Kammara Sambhavam.

    At first, let's see how the cast & crew members of Kammara Sambhavam have fared for the movie..

    Dileep As Kammaran

    Dileep is the pillar of the film and here, we get to see him in a role, which is totally new in all aspects. He appears in various get-ups and he had to make them look convincing, especially the two different roles in the first half and second half, which he has done with conviction.

    Dileep has come up with a sensational performance. Watch out for his performance in the first half, as the younger Kammaran. He drives the film forwards and steals the show in most of the sequences. A special mention to the older version of Kammaran, which has been made splendid by the actor.

    Siddharth As Othenan Nambiar

    Siddharth plays the character of Othenan Nambiar and he did fit in perfectly to the role. He has put up an earnest performance throughout the film. At the same time, his dubbing in Malayalam wasn't convincing and it did affect some of the sequences.

    Namitha Pramod As Bhanumathi

    Namitha Pramod appears as Bhanumathi and she has done her part neatly. Majority of the character's sequences are in the first half. At the same time, one would get feel like her character wasn't developed completely, especially considering the fact that it plays a crucial role in the entire film.

    Rest Of The Cast

    Kammara Sambhavam also features a host of other actors in important roles. Murali Gopy appeared as Kelu Nambiar and was fine with his portrayal of the character. Siddique As Bose Kammaran and Baiju were impressive and offered some light moments. Indrans played the role of Surendran convincingly. Swetha Menon was fine in the role of Maheswari Nambiar. Bobby Simha did justice to his role. The film also features Vijayaraghavan, Vinay Forrt, Sudheer Karaman, Manikuttan, Divyaprabha etc., in important roles.

    Script & Direction

    Murali Gopy has penned the script for the movie. His intent to come up with a satire mixed with history is indeed good. The way in which he has characterized the lead character and that too with a different shade, especially in the first half of the film was also refreshing to watch. He has nicely inter-weaved some of the historical characters to fiction. But at the same time, somewhere in the second half, the writer in him does lose the grip as the screenplay didn't have anything surprising or special to offer. Some of the proceedings weren't satiating enough to justify the brilliant thread that the film had in the store.

    Kammara Sambhavam is the debut directorial venture of Rathish Ambat and as a film-maker he has made a confident debut. It is never easy to make a large scale film like this, which is experimental up to some extent.

    He has done his job in a fine way. Moreover, he has used all the technical resources to perfection, which has added to the grandeur of the project. At the same time, the pacing could have been consistent and the narrative pattern used in the second half was found to be plain and some of the portions were hurried through in the second half, which did pull down the film a bit.

    Other Aspects

    A big round of applause to the technical department of the team. The cinematography by Sunil KS was nothing less than splendid. The war sequences and the way he has captured those are fascinating. The art works also require special mention since they looked so convincing and were able to take the audiences back to that era. Songs set to tune by Gopi Sunder were fine. BGM works were splendid, especially that in the second half

    Overall View

    One shouldn't get carried away by the posters and the teaser of the film, which did give a feel that Kammara Sambhavam is a film with loads of mass elements. The concept of the film is innovative and something which hasn't been tried in Malayalam cinema. Moreover, the film has a satirical angle as well and it does take potshots on the political scenarios of our land and also the role of fiction in evolving history.

    Kammara Sambhavam is a mixture of such brilliant thinking and the makers definitely had a riveting thread in their hands. The first half of the film promised the audiences of a fabulous movie even though the pacing of the film was an issue. Nevertheless, the characterizations and the connections between the history and the characters in the movie were more than convincing. More importantly, the point put foward by the film about history and people who are trying to fabricate history is important. The first half of the film is nothing short than brilliant despite the long running time.

    But, it has to be said that this gripping factor was missing in the second half. At portions, things did go wayward. As mentioned above, the elements required to build curiosity were missing heavily in the second half. But, the team did pull everything back towards the final sequences, which has stayed away from the usual cliches and thus offering the audiences domething fresh. The humour elements in the film are inherent & classy and have worked out pretty well for the movie.


    Kammara Sambhavam is a fresh attempt. Despite the minor glitches, Kammara Sambhavam stands out, especially for its grandeur, technical finesse, experimental nature and above all, a power-packed performance from Dileep.

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