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      Virus Movie Review: A Brilliantly Crafted Film That Is Mighty Impressive On All Counts!

      By Manu
      Star Cast: Asif Ali, Revathi, Tovino Thomas, Rima Kallingal, Parvathy
      Director: Aashiq Abu

      Virus is a film that was able to captivate the attention of the moviegoers, right with its first poster that came out in 2018. A magnificent director is coming up with a film that touches a recent incident that shook Kerala and he has some equally magnificent actors on board for the project. Has Virus lived up to the hype and expectations? Read Virus movie review here to get an answer.

      Virus Movie Review: A Brilliantly Crafted Film That Is Mighty Impressive On All Terms!


      The basic plot of Virus revolves around the deadly Nipah outbreak that hit Kerala in 2018. The movie takes us through the various incidents that happened, the brave fight that the state put in and much more.

      Script & Direction

      It is not an easy task to make a film based on real events and that too with a whole lot of characters. The tendency to go in for a documentary angle is much higher but Virus successfully overcomes that with some brilliant writing and execution par excellence. Virus has a neatly layered script, which has smartly infused real-life events and characters based on them. The writers Musin Parari, Suhas and Saharafu have done their homework pretty well and proper research has been done by the team. In fact, the writers have not missed out or let go off any crucial point or character, which is definitely something that deserves heavy applause.

      Aashiq Abu is a man of versatility and Virus proves once again why he is one of the best among the present day cinema. He has approached Virus as a survival movie, giving ample importance to the emotional aspects too. Both the halves of the film have a well-defined purpose in connection with the subject and Aasiq Abu draws that line pretty well.

      Yes, it is slow paced but the theme deserves such a treatment and it allows the movie and the characters to grow on you. The film never resorts to over-dramatic approaches and is to the point. There are many spaces where he could have gone for over the top sequences but the director stays loyal to the movie and the subject. The realistic quotient is intact and the film-maker hits the right chords with the mind of the audiences. He has been able to keep the audiences on their toes with the proceedings.


      Virus has the presence of some of the big and popular names of the film industry and it wouldn't be fair to say that one person has outperformed the other. Not often we get to see films that use its entire superb cast to the full potential. Even the actors who make a brief appearance do excel, such is the magnitude that each character has. Each and every actor, gets to portray characters that play a crucial role in the film. The entire star cast has done an incredible job.

      Other Technical Aspects

      With Rajeev Ravi at the helm as cinematographer, realistic frames that gel well with the tone of the film is assured and he does a scintillating work. Susin Shyam's BGM is brilliant and it adds to the intensity of the emotion that the film conveys. Editing is neat and well-directed.


      Virus is a mind-blowing movie and as its tagline says it rightly conveys the fear, fight and the survival during the Nipah outbreak. A well-crafted movie, which could be ranked as one among the best movies of all-time. Kudos to the team.

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