Gold Review: A Decent Situational Comedy Which Could've Been Better

    Star Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Nayanthara
    Director: Alphonse Puthren

    Alphonse Puthren's films usually offer three things: (a stereotype we have successfully created after watching the two movies he has made so far) cute relationships, situational comedy, and quirky creative choices.

    When I say quirky creative choices I mean things like the way he sometimes adds a foreground layer to the shot like a tree branch or something between the camera and the characters. Alphonse edits his movies himself, and he gets to play around with that aspect as well.

    He usually paints a pretty picture of the lead couple's interactions and how they express their love for each other. He also manages to make us smile at how sloppy the characters are and how they react to the mess that they create in their lives.

    That's what we have loved so far from him in his previous movies.

    Now, let's get to Gold. Cute relationships are not really a thing in the film, but the story isn't really about relationships anyway, so that's okay. His creative choices worked well, but unlike back then they didn't excite us and that's partly because his style of filmmaking has become familiar to us. I mean he can't keep changing the way he shoots and edits his films. We are not saying that. It's just that earlier quirkiness used to be a huge selling point, but now they are just there. We expect it to be there but we want other things in the film that could excite us.

    Story & Performances

    A mobile shop owner, Joshi, finds a Bolero parked in front of his home, blocking his entrance, and is unable to bring his new car in. He files a complaint with the police, and the team that takes up his complaint is (how do I put it) ... a fun team. This Bolero and the trouble it creates in Joshi's life is told in a funny and suspenseful narrative.

    Prithviraj holds the film together and acted well. Apparently, the lady who plays Joshi's mom is Prithviraj's own mother, and their interactions were cure and heartwarming. Pretty much every other character felt like an extended cameo.

    What Worked & What Didn't

    Prithiviraj is the biggest strength of the film. He looks amazing and delivers a believable performance. Some characters manage to bring a laugh whenever they appear.

    The film lacks a proper relationship. Not just a romantic relationship but any sort of relationship. The male lead seems to be the only character that you can follow and get to know. Everyone else seems like lesser-known acquaintances at a party.


    Gold heavily relies on situational comedy to work for it to make an impact. If you enjoy Alphonse Puthren's comedic writing and are a great fan then you might love Gold. But if you were expecting the other aspects of his making to hook you in, you might get disappointed.

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