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      Photo Prem Receives Positive Response From The Masses; 5 Things You Can't-Miss From Neena Kulkarni Starrer


      Directed by Aditya Rathi, the Marathi film Photo Prem features highly talented veteran actress Neena Kulkarni. The critically acclaimed movie finally made its much-anticipated release on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video and has been garnering raving reviews and immense love from the audiences.

      The recently-released trailer of Photo Prem broke the clutter with a fresh story amongst the same old bunch of commercial movies. The film is a simple and heartfelt story of a woman who feels she will be forgotten because of not having a recent photo of herself. Neena Kulkarni a seasoned actor playing the lead role breathes life into her character in an impactful performance.

      Photo Prem Receives Positive Response From The Masses; 5 Things You Cant-Miss From Neena Kulkarni Starrer

      People have been praising various aspects of the film and here are the five standout points Marathi film 'Photo Prem' that has got fans attention.

      Simple Yet Gripping Narrative

      The story follows the life of an old woman 'Maee' whose earth-shattering problem is being forgotten. She fears that she has maybe forgotten and the future generation won't even know of her existence and this inspires her to get one perfect photo clicked of herself. Given the times we live in it is not a big deal to get a photo clicked with all the cameras, DSLRs and smartphones around but yet the story of this old woman trying to get a simple photo clicked has got people's undivided attention.

      Neena Kulkarni And Everything About Her Portrayal Of 'Maee'

      Having entertained an entire generation with onscreen performances in multiple TV shows and movies it is safe to say the seasoned actress can surely run the show all by herself. A look at the trailer was more than enough and the movie proved that very point as she is the whole and soul of the movie and her application of the skills and getting into the character persona makes you want to root for her to get through the task and finally have that one perfect picture she wishes to have clicked.

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      Critics Thumbs Up

      Photo Prem has been receiving lots of praise from the audiences and if that wasn't enough the movie also got plaudits and raving reviews a while back by the highly esteemed Pune International Film festival committee going on to receive a nomination for the Best Marathi Film.

      A Heartfelt Message For Everyone

      Maee gets her much needed advice for the resolution of her conflict from a young girl. The girl advises Meena's character that how she needs to tap into herself and bring out that pure heartful smile to get that perfect picture clicked. While it was only the movie's conflict solving moment it goes beyond the movie and resonates as a truly wonderful lesson for everyone who struggles not only with getting good pictures clicked but also faces problems in their life and can't deal with them. The essence of the scene is the fact that you need to feel the emotions on the inside and act on it to make sure it comes out in the desired way and this is simply a great message.

      Humour, Subtle But Appropriate

      Humour forms an essential part of any movie when used in the right proportion and at the right time and this flick makes sure to use it just like that. The film keeps the viewers gripped in the story but makes a few light-hearted punches here and there to make sure the audiences stay invested and to make sure that the movie does not end up being too preachy.

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      Produced by Everest Entertainment, 'Photo Prem' features veteran actor Neena Kulkarni, with Amita Khopkar and Sameer Dharamadhikari in pivotal roles. The movie showcases a housewife's (Maee) journey who wants to get a photo clicked of herself so that the future generation knows of her existence. Go watch the movie now only on Amazon Prime Video if you haven't already.

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