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Sahaj Paather Gappo Movie Tickets

1 hours 26 minutes
8th Sep, 2017
| Drama
Manas Mukul Pal
Cast & Crew:
Nur Islam, Samiul Alam
Music Director:
Indraadip Dasgupta
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  • Story

10-year-old Gopals carefree childhood is disrupted when his father meets with an accident. It becomes difficult for his mother to feed him and his little brother Chottu. Gopal starts devising ways to earn money; with a little assistance from Chottu, he takes up odd jobs from cleaning wells to selling fruits in the local village market. Emboldened by his initial success, Gopal fancies himself as the breadwinner of the family. Meanwhile, a grand Janmashtami feast is being planned in the Brahmin household where Pulao will be served. Hearing this both the brothers hatch plans of their own to make a quick buck by selling palmyras for the feast. Chottu also dreams of enjoying this fancy dish that he has never seen or tasted before, after all he has heard that the whole village will be invited.

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