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Nirbhaya (Marathi) Movie Tickets

2 hours 27 minutes
6th Oct, 2017
| Drama
Anand Bachhav
Cast & Crew:
Yogita Dandekar, Smita Jaykar
Music Director:
Dev Ashish
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  • Story

Sexual harassment on women has always been in news, whether it is in print media or electronic media. Today, on social networking sites, various individuals are coming forward to create awareness in the society, by supporting women who are victims of such harassment. Victims to any sort of harassment also raise their voice on social media. Among the several Marathi films, which deal with different social issues, Nirbhaya showcases the story of one such woman who has fallen prey to a social issue. The film is produced by Amol Ahirrao and directed by Anand Bachchao (Sai Anand).

Yogita Dandekar plays the title role in this film, along with other artistes like Smita Jaykar, Kishore Mahabole, Aniket kelkar, Abhijit Kulkarni, Omkar karve, Dnyaneshwar Wagh, Pooja Raj, Pravin Dave, Vidya Bhatia, Pratik Chandwadkar, Prakash Gaikwad, Bajarang Lahane, Vishnuu Choudhary, Siddharth, Ramakrishna Thorat, Nikita , Sangeeta and Yogita. The music of the film is composed by Dev Ashish.

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