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2 hours 03 minutes
4th Aug, 2017
| Drama|Romance
Vikrant Nandkumar Warde
Cast & Crew:
Chinmay Sant, Swapnil Kanse
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  • Story

Vijya, a studious boy, and Ganya, a mischievous troublemaker, are best friends and have only recently completed their secondary education. Both the boys are relatively different from each other, while Vijya is focussed and works hard to get a good job, Ganya is the absolute opposite and finds ways to enjoy every situation. On their first day of college, Vijya sees Meera and falls in love with her. Soon, their relationship blooms but things take a drastic change after a misunderstanding creeps up.

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Dvp Multiplex: Pandharpur
Pune - Pandharpur Road, Market Yard, Gokul Nagar, Isbavi, Near New S.t. Stand, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304, India
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