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1 hours 50 minutes
11th Aug, 2017
| Drama|Family
Prasad Oak
Music Director:
Rahul Ranade
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Based on a novel written by legendary Marathi writer Shri. Jaywant Dalvi, Kaccha Limbu is set in the 80s. Mr. Katdare and his wife Shaileja live with their mentally unstable son. While Mr. Katdare works perpetual night shifts at the telegraph office, Shaileja works for a private firm. Their son, Bacchu, is now 16 years old and his growing age and sexuality are a cause of concern for this couple, especially Shaileja. Mr. Katdare tries to find the solution for his problems in death, while Shaileja, in her quest for happiness, finds herself drifting towards her benign boss Mr. Pandit.

How this couple, who is on the verge of getting lost in the quagmire of their circumstances, fight their way back to sanity and togetherness is a heart warming story of this film, Kaccha Limbu, which is a term used on the Indian playgrounds to signify the underdog.

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