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1 hours 47 minutes
4th Aug, 2017
| Adventure|Mystery
Sayantan Ghosal
Cast & Crew:
Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar
Music Director:
Meemo, Shaan, Silajit Majumder, Rupam Islam, Prantik Chakraborty, Piya Chakraborty
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  • Story

Kumar finds a black human skull with a puzzle etched on it, from his grandfathers room. Unable to make any sense out of it, he takes the skull to his trusted friend, Bimal, who is a professor of Anthropometry. Together, they decipher the puzzle, only to discover that it hints at an ancient Tibetan treasure hidden somewhere in the dense jungles of Neora Valley. In order to satisfy their appetite for adventure, and to bring Hiranmay back safely, Bimal and Kumar sets out on a dangerous adventure, however, they are not the only ones after treasure, they have to deal with the dangerous criminal who is after the treasure. The duo have to rely on their wits and heroics for survival on their mission.

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