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2 hours 14 minutes
13th Oct, 2017
| Action|Drama|Romance
P. Sunil Kumar Reddy
Cast & Crew:
Chetan Neni, Dimple
Music Director:
Praveen Immadi
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Gulf is a commercial pot-boiling action adventure film with intense emotional content. It deals with an interesting subject, about the struggle of Indians to earn money in Gulf countries. The film follows a boy from an Indian village and takes you on a captivating journey along with him to Gulf where he meets a girl who also comes there in pursuit of her dreams. Their dreams are shattered by the atrocities of the Gulf Sheiks and the deceit of several middlemen. It shows how a rebellion is born and the struggles of the couple who along with their friends escape to freedom.

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Ashwini Theatre: Thorrur
Warangal - Khammam Road, Near Hotel Kavitha, Thorrur, Telangana 506163, India
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