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Pune Mumbai girls for Ms Bikini Promotional Tour

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By: Our Ms Bikini India Correspondent
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Hot, aspiring actresses Natasha Sikka and Zeenal Kamdar who are both professional models from Mumbai and Pune respectively, have been chosen for a national tour to promote the mega event Ms Bikini India. Both Natasha and Zeenal were selected after a special selection procedure and screening from a lot of about 2500 candidates who have signed up to participate for the Ms Bikini India pageant across the country.

Model and actress Zeenal Kamdar was one of the first from Pune to sign up for the Ms Bikini India pageant. While she is a bit reluctant to talk about her decision to don a bikini, she is more forthcoming about the event. "This is an opportunity for young models like me to hit big time," she says adding that it was a really tough selection procedure.

"There is nothing wrong in wearing a bikini. Most actresses from a Bipasha Basu to an Esha Deol and even Sharmila Tagore have worn bikinis and swim suits for their films. It depends on how one looks at it. This is an opportunity for young women to get noticed. It's a stepping stone to success. It's not a voyeuristic event, but rather is a talent search and promotion project," says Zeenal.

"If a Salman or SRK can go shirtless, why can't a girl wear a bikini for a contest," adds Natasha Sikka, a Mumbai-based aspiring actress and model, adding that it's really an honour to be selected for the tour. "There were so many entrants and it was a neck-to-neck finale. Some of the best bods in the country have signed up for the contest and I think I must have been very lucky to be chosen for the tour."

Both girls will undergo rigorous special dance training with a specially choreographed performance for the Tour. "I am told it's a very hot dance sequence with some very bold outfits and some wild steps," says Natasha. Besides performing during the tour, Natasha and Zeenal will also visit college campuses next month as talent scouts for the pageant.

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