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Kavita a beautiful poem indeed!

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Kavita says the singer in her has taken new flights and reached new heights after she married the internationally known violinist, Dr. L. Jairam. He has inspired her to discover new dimensions to her talent. She is now doing the kind of work she can never imagine she would do one day. She with her husband has had the privilege of being a part of major music concerts in far away places like China and Russia and she will be in Poland soon. She is on another journey but her art is still with Hindi films which have made her what she is. Her latest ambition is to cut an ambitious and meaningful music album with someone like Gulzar or Javed Akhtar writing the songs. She hopes her ambition will be fulfilled soon.

Kavita is unhappy with the way Hindi film music have been treated and been reduce to these days. There is more importance being paid to technological sounds and effects than simplicity and that soothing feeling which touches the heart. There are item songs more than genuine songs. Songs, she says have been reduced to consumer products to be sold in the market and not as art specially created by God. The lyrics too are catering to what is called pop and the pedestrian. Kavita has been one singer who has paid the greatest importance to the quality of lyrics in the songs she has sung in any language. It saddens her to see that but for Gulzar, Javed Akhtar and a poet called Nusrat Badr, there are no lyricist worth the words or the paper they right on. She believes that music cannot reach to any high standards if the words don't try to make at least some sense. She wonders if we will have song writer like we had once upon a time.

Kavita is also worried about the new crop of singers who have come in like one big crowd. She says they are making the big mistake of making the best use of their new found popularity and are singing any and every song without realizing that quantity has always killed quality. She says they will burn themselves out within no time and another group will take over.

Kavita is modest enough to say that she is not worried about being known as an immortal singer. She will be happy if she is able to make her life now worth its while by making efforts to sing better and do her own bit to bring glory and honour to music. She says the people should never be blamed for the falling standards of music because they have always proved that they take what you give them. Kavita is fully satisfied with all that life has offered her. But what if destiny had decided to change its decision? What would she be if not a singer? "A veterinarian", she exclaims. She loves dogs of all pedigrees. She surprises me when she tells me she once had a dog called Pingo who literally joined her every time she sang and hated it when he was asked to stop singing or leave the room. This is just one of the strange things to happen in Kavita's life. I am sure there will be many more things to happen at the right time and the right place.


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