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Going Crazy vs. Staying Real

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By: Sunil Noronha
Thursday, April 27, 2006

Despite being top musicians with a long stage experience, musicians to this day still get the nerves attack. It takes not only talent but guts too stand in front of a tens of thousands of people and deliver over and over again. Knowing your stuff helps but is not much of a help. Even experienced stage musicians too fell the nerves bug. Having a job and profession to keep, they have a number of ways to take on this nerves bug. Some get high. Some get into music and out of control. Some of them don't get too involved in it. They just stand there and perform-what one might generally perceive as the boring type.

People always looking to get excited and fired up with music. They want to get a little crazy, get away from the real world, get a little high....that's what why they get an energetic performance in which somebody prances around stage like a little child. Its like saying this is their best ticket to freedom while the trip lasts and is affordable. You can be totally unreasonable, stupid, immature throw all that your age attributes to your character away for a little while and be free-truly free.

Why don't people get the value (and artistic value) of music that is on the ground level? There can be two motives one may do music with. One is the "I need a break from the frustrations of the world to maintain my sanity" motive. The other is "I live in this real world so I don't want escape from it through song but just have a song to carry me through it" motive. I prefer the latter. I prefer to maintain the reality of life than take than "fake" break from it before having to immerse myself neck deep in it.

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