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All great musicians are kinky

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Great minds come with a price and that is the case with most of the greatest of the musical minds of the century. As crazy as their music maybe (and absolutely wonderful at the same time), they all have had something that would classify them as "off their rockers". Some them cant live without a certain amount of luxury, some of them are fusspots for a particular kind of food, some fuss their dogs up so much...the list is long. The world has come to understand their genius along with the ridiculous demands of theirs. This is only another way of saying if you value me so much give me my space.

It is a trait of many a great musician one which you have to come to accept. Its like they are saying-"I don't know how I can come up with this kind of great amazing stuff but I found a way in which it works. You get the great stuff that I come up with and we both get our ends of the deal". Basically saying, "I am a genius and you are not. If you like the music I come up with let me be the way I am. It is an integral part of my music." That is allowable because no one really has traversed the entire distance when you take music, movie making or any other art form. The moment someone comes up with an explanation to how it's done, somebody else comes with something new and that definition becomes incomplete. Well we can go on discovering what more the future will show us about music and how deep it actually goes. Until then we will have just have to give in to the "geniusness" of the masters and also accept their kinkyness the way they'd have us to because they more than anyone else could.

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