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Beyonce unwittingly exposes boobs

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By: Priyaranjan Trivedy
Thursday, August 23, 2007

The sultry pop singer Beyonce Knowles seems to have run out of luck; firstly, she had an embarrassing moment when she fell down the stairs during a recent stage performance, and now she has unwittingly exposed her boobs in front of her adoring fans.

The event was the launch of her clothing line Dereon in Toronto, Canada. While dancing on the stage, her shirt flew up and she was, well, not wearing anything underneath. Visibly embarrassed, Beyonce moved backwards and pulled down her flowing shirt, holding on to it till she completed her dance routine. But the damage was done, as her fans who captured the scene on their mobile phones, have already begun posting the footage on You Tube.

Anyway, the singer avers that her respectful attitude towards fans was inspired by none other than actor Will Smith. During a brief encounter with him when Beyonce was just 15, the event being the soundtrack singing for his hit movie Men In Black, Knowles noted how the actor was devoted to his supporters, and she made a resolution to act the same way if she ever found fame.

Beyonce Knowles is currently one of the hottest singers around, with her song 'Bootylicious' and 'Crazy In Love' having become chart toppers.

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