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Elton John bad at ending things!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
New York (ANI): Sir Elton John's former song writing partner Gary Osbourne has claimed that the master artist is bad at 'ending things'.

In David Buckley's biography on the legendary artist "Elton: The Biography," Osborne, who co-wrote "Little Jeannie" and "Blue Eyes" with Sir Elton, mentions that it was only from a newspaper report that he learned that he would no longer be penning songs with the pop star.

"Elton is the most talented, charismatic, generous and funny person I have ever known. But if he has a fault, it is that he's not very good at ending things," the New York Daily News quoted Osbourne as saying.

"Even so, I was crushed to learn from a newspaper that ... I would no longer be working with Elton. I tried not to take it too personally, but even now, over 20 years later ... I often have dreams about Elton, and on some level there is an ache that never quite goes away,' he added.

This incident happened after Osbourne had cancelled his Christmas plans to give company to an upset Sir Elton, after his then lover Charles did not turn up for the celebrations.

"I walked into the kitchen and there was this huge turkey with one slice out of it and a massive cake, again with one slice out of it. And there was Elton ... in tears." He added.

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