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Jason narrates how Kylie broke his heart

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

London (ANI): Kylie Minogue"s ex-flame Jason Donovan has revealed how the Oz pop star broke his heart when she hooked up with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. The 'Neighbours" star, who dated the stunning Oz singer in the late eighties, has revealed that he was extremely devastated after the break-up and thought he would never cope with it.

In the autobiography, Donovan said that the romance between Hutchence and Minogue started when the former invited him and Kylie to a party after a concert in Sydney. To Donovan"s dismay, Hutchence began flirting with Minogue openly. “When I told Kylie we had tickets for their concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre she was delighted. Their 1987-88 worldwide Kick Tour had been met with critical acclaim and here we were about to share in that experience," the Mirror quoted him, as writing.

“Michael couldn't have been friendlier. 'Why don't you guys come and party with us back at the hotel," he asked."

“I wasn't the only one to notice the buzz between Kylie and Michael that night. I'd noticed him staring at her when we met backstage and when we got to his suite at The Regent he cornered her and they spent the rest of the evening locked in conversation with one another. He kept whispering in her ear and she was laughing. I didn't say anything at the time or try to intervene because I thought it was innocent enough. And in any case I realised that I would look pretty stupid telling Michael to back off as I dragged Kylie out of the party by her ear."

“When I mentioned it to my friend the following day he said that he'd picked up on it, too. But I wouldn't give it a second thought," he said. 'Michael is just an outrageous flirt who loves a pretty girl.""

A few days after quitting Neighbours, when Donovan met up with Minogue in LA, he realised that she seemed out of 'sorts At the end of the summer I took the opportunity to meet up with Kylie in LA, where she was working, and we planned a short break together. From the moment I met up with her at the Mondrian Hotel I knew something was up," he said.

“She was normally so bubbly, so energetic, so pleased to see me. But she seemed quite subdued that day, like she was out of sorts. At first I put it down to tiredness. But as the days went on I realised it was something far deeper than that. She was distant and removed. We were always so affectionate with one another but she didn't seem to want me to come near her. When I tried to find out whether it had something to do with me, if I had said or done something to upset her, she said no. But as much as I wanted to believe her, I couldn't."

“After four days together we said our goodbyes. She was flying west to start the Asian leg of her promo tour, while I was going to New York. I'd been there for a day when Kylie called me from Japan." Donovan also recounts that a few days later, Minogue called up to tell him it was 'all over" between them. “There is little point in trying to recount the whole conversation because all I can remember, and could hear at the time, were the words "It's over". It was like a punch in the stomach. I know that I tried to reason with her, tried to get her to change her mind, but she wasn't having any of it. She had made her decision and it was final.," he wrote.

“I remember trying to call her back and her mum answering the phone, and that our exchange was quite awkward. Kylie wouldn't come to the telephone, she said, she felt there was nothing more to say. I was distraught and inconsolable. I felt like my life had ended there and then, and I didn't know how I'd ever recover." Donovan also said that Minogue did not give him an inkling about why she called it quits, but he guessed that Minogue found love in the late rocker.

“Kylie never did give me a reason for our break-up when she told me it was over. Whether she had started seeing Michael Hutchence while we were still together I can't say. But when I learned they were an item I understood that it was well and truly over between us and I would never get her back." Minogue"s romance with Hutchence ended in mid nineties, a few years before the rocker committed suicide.

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