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Islamic terrorists want Madonna, Britney’s heads

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Washington (ANI): Britney Spears and Madonna need to fear for their safety if author Aaron Klein is to be believed, for it seems that they may become a target for terrorists. Klein, in his book "Schmoozing with Terrorists", reveals that Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman and senior leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror organization, has threatened to kill the two singers if he ever comes across them. "First we will call them to join Islam. But if they keep what they are doing ... we can stone them or even we can kill them if they keep ... tempting men in order to put them far from Islam. ... A prostitute woman must be stoned or must be eighty times hit with a belt," World Net Daily quoted Klien, as writing in his tome. He also boasted he would "be the first one to cut the heads of Madonna and Britney Spears."

Abu Abdullah, a senior member of Hamas' so-called "military wing" is quoted in the book as describing what his group would do with Madonna and Spears if jihad groups took over the U.S. "At the beginning, we will try to convince Madonna and Britney Spears to follow Allah's way. But I honestly don't think they will follow. If they persist with their whoring music, we will prevent them by force. I don't think that I can be in the same place with these singers. They might be killed if they do not respect our laws," he says in the book. The threats, recorded on audio, come as Madge is due to arrive in Israel to celebrate the Jewish New Year with fellow Kabbalah practitioners.

It seems that pop icon Madonna once threatened to kill security guards after they put her in a headlock and dragged her out of a concert where British Indie rock band 'Bloc Party" was performing. Apparently, 'The Ray of Light" star is a big fan of the band and wanted to visit them in their dressing room during the London leg of Live Earth tour this year. Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke said that their manager, who was Scottish and did not know much about pop culture, alerted the security.

"She's a super-huge fan. But our tour manager is this guy from Scotland who doesn't know much about popular culture. So when she came in, he alerted security and security dragged her out. In a headlock. It was really surreal, and everyone stopped speaking," Contactmusic quoted Okereke, as saying. However, Madonna wriggled out of the headlock easily. "And all we could hear is Madonna cursing and saying she's gonna kill these guys. She's really tough because of all that Pilates that she does, so she got out of the headlock quite easily," Okereke added.

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