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Emma Bunton likes being curvy

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Emma Bunton
London (ANI): Even though she is constantly under pressure to stay slim because of her life in the public eye, Emma Bunton reveals that she has no desire to be size zero. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Red magazine, the singer admitted that she likes being curvy. "I like being curvy. I don't think I'd look good thin. I'm careful. I don't have carbs for dinner, but I love crisps and Coke and great wine and Chinese food. I could never be one of those people who thinks about their figure 24/7," the Mirror quoted Bunton, as saying.

Bunton also described how hard it was going on tour with The Spice Girls so soon after giving birth. "At the time, I thought going on tour so soon after Beau would be a great idea. I should have thought about it more! I had the best time, but it was hard," she said. "You have to get back in shape and your fitness has to be up to a two-hour show every night. And there's the pressure of looking good in your stage costumes. I don"t know if I'd put myself through that again, to tell you the truth."

"It's tough for any woman returning to work straight after having a baby. I didn't want to be in the gym 24 hours a day, instead of being with Beau. And, I wanted to breastfeed for the first couple of months. I did lots of walking, but I couldn't do sit-ups, because I'd had a Caesarean, as I was overdue.

"So, for the first four weeks after having Beau, I did nothing, absolutely nothing. I had to relax and take time out. The first fortnight of the tour, I did feel self-conscious but, one night, I was up on stage and it just hit me: hold on, Emma, everyone knows you've just had a baby, enjoy it. After that, it was wonderful and I had a great time," she added.

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