Why Paul McCartney didn't vote?


    London, (ANI): Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he did not bother to vote in the European elections because he did not find any politicians worthy. "There was no one who inspired me or who I thought was worthy," the Telegraph quoted him as saying at the St Martin's Lane Hotel in the West End.

    "There is not much idealism around these days. What with all these politicians fiddling their expenses, I think most people feel, like me, there is not a lot left to believe in," added the musician who was influenced by Bertrand Russell in his youth, and who went on to speak out against the Vietnam War.

    McCartney even said that Britain needed an "Obama-like figure" to inspire people, but he could not currently see one, even on the horizon. He, however, admitted that he still did not have any intention to leave the country. "Don't worry – I am staying put. I''m disillusioned, but I am not that disillusioned," he said.

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