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      Ronnie Wood trying to buy Russian lover's silence


      London (ANI): Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood wants to dump his Russian girlfriend and has asked help from lawyers to pay her off so that she does not let out his dirty secrets, sources say. He reportedly told friends that the affair with Ekaterina Ivanova was over. "The infatuation's finished - I do NOT love her."

      The guitarist is apparently trying to buy the 20-year-old's silence with a six-figure sum and is keen to be back with his wife Jo. "Kat gives him constant earache and sticks to him like a limpet. But he did sneak away for a phone conference with his brief," News of the World quoted a source as saying.

      "One thing they discussed was how to keep Kat from spilling the beans. Kat loves Ronnie and is unlikely to betray him. But she is fiery and unpredictable, and Ronnie's worried she'll reveal things said when his break-up with Jo was at its messiest. The fact is, Ron wants Jo back. And his ideal scenario is Kat agrees to keep her silence for a big payment," the source added.

      Seemingly, Wood is finding her young partner annoying and now keenly following his wife, who is participating in reality show Strictly Come Dancing. The insider added: "Kat's obsessed with fame and looks at the Cheeky Girls for inspiration."

      "She sees two Eastern European women without discernible talent who become famous in Britain. That's her idea of success but it leaves Ronnie cold. At the moment he spends most of his time being henpecked by Kat and feeling guilty about Jo. He's also watching Jo bloom on Strictly. His worst nightmare is opening the paper and seeing she's found someone new."

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