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Aap Ki Khatir - Music Review

Posted By: Staff
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By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

Monday, August 07, 2006

Year 2006 has been laded with Himesh Reshammiya with a new album from him releasing practically every month! January saw the release of 'Aap Ka Surroor' that is still registering great sales, in February came Humko Deewana Kar Gaye that had his version of title song turning out to be the album's USP, March brought us Tom Dick and Harry, Banaras and Shaadi Se Pehle, April had a hit album in 36 China Town, May saw the twin success in the form of Phir Hera Pheri and Chup Chup Ke, June celebrated his best work since Aksar in the form of Ahista Ahista while July was crowded too with Anthony Kaun Hai, Rocky and Dil Diya Hai. From August onwards things may be a little different as Aap Ki Khatir appears to be the last of his albums for some more weeks to come before he hits back again.

With the men-in-arms Sameer and DJ Akbar Sami along with him, Reshammiya goes ahead with the theory of more-the-better once again with as many as 16 tracks in the album! But does quality compliment quantity in the case of this Dharmesh Darshan multistarrer that stars Akshaye Khanna, Amisha Patel, Dino Morea, Priyanka Chopra and Suneil Shetty? The answer is No! Aap Ki Khatir turns out to be a mixed bag primarily due to too much of supply in too short time.

As many as three versions of the title song Aap Ki Khatir keep making their presence felt throughout the album with Himesh Reshammiya picking up the mike again. First to come is the original version of this Reshammiya solo that has a beautiful build up to the rhythm that sets the tone for a good outing ahead. Lyrics by Sameer are different from the regular lot as they read "Aap Ki Khatir Mere Dil Jahaan Hai Hazir, Apne Saare Armaan Kar Do Zaahir" - simple and effective. Constant use of guitar alongside Reshammiya vocals adds on to the impact of this catchy number where Reshammiya sings in a middle pitch, listening to which none can accuse him of the nasal twang. Inspite of the song being picturized on Akshaye Khanna, never once does it look odd to have Reshammiya singing for him!

One does have reservations about the remix version of 'Aap Ki Khatir' due to its melodious feel, but surprisingly the disco presentation of the song doesn't really sound bad at all. The final version of Aap Ki Khatir turns out to be indeed special as Akshay Khanna arrives on the scene to do some 'shayari' as Reshammiya goes unplugged during his rendition. The best of the enterprise that even surpasses the original, it's the placement of Akshaye' 'shayari' throughout the track that deserves a repeat hearing! In fact Akshaye impresses in a big way as he renders his [rather difficult] lines with ease and brings in the right 'thehrav' and pace as required. This is easily one of the best tracks to have arrived from Reshammiya stable since 'Ahista Ahista'!

KK is at his versatile best in 'I Love You For What You Are' where Alisha Chinoy gives him tough competition while rendering the duet. Both the singers bring a different perspective to the song with KK being vociferous at a high pitch and Alisha bringing that certain intoxicated effect in her voice that makes her stand apart from her contemporaries.

A club number that goes 'beat one-beat two' with a slight oriental touch given to it, this track conveys the message of selfless love regardless of the good or not-so-good traits that the person brings along with him/her. The remix version adds on to the pace and clears the ground for a promotional number to be built around it!

A unique combination of Sunidhi Chauhan, Kailash Kher and Jaspinder Narula are heard in 'Meethi Meethi Baatan'. A love song with a traditional-n-folk flavor, it is mainly a Sunidhi track with the other two singers doing nothing more than being as add-ons. A sweet sounding track that is completely different from the kind of songs that one has been hearing from Reshammiya for last one year or so, it takes one all the way to the late 90s. One wonders if a remix version of this track was indeed required and on hearing it one is convinced that it was absolutely unwanted. Though it is still good to see that the remix version doesn't go overboard but for a song like this, one would anytime want to stick to the original.

An extended piece of flute accompanies Kunal Ganjawala in 'Tu Hai Kamaal' that comes as a letdown after 3 good tracks. Pedestrian with not much novelty to it, this filler number revolving around the appreciation of a beauty has such a heard-before effect that it one doesn't really care much to hear its remix version. As expected, it is nothing better and one just moves on to the next track.

After a break Reshammiya returns as a singer with 'Afsana'. First of the songs that belongs to the 'typical' Reshammiya sung-n-composed number, it is a surprise that 'Afsana' has still not been unleashed as a part of the promos. A fast moving track where Reshammiya gives the number a rock appeal, it is a decent time pass inspite of a heard before feel. First of the tracks in the album that indeed mandated a remix avatar, expect its music video coming soon on your favorite music channel.

Wanna sing a track to your beloved and woo her smartly over a candle light dinner? Take her for a date and play on 'Keh Do Naa', a sweet-n-saccharine number with Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan bringing back the college day romance. For a date flick like Aap Ki Khatir, it was expected that a love song like 'Keh Do Naa' would make an appearance. Though belated, the arrival of a song like this is a welcome change in the course of this album. The remix version of the track changes the mood and the setting with add-on beats and an extended rhythm. Though original is a better hear, the remix track comes close too!

'Tu Hi Mera' seems to be an extension of 'Afsana' in terms of mood, look and feel and after hearing it one is sure that the call of the situation is a 'break'! At this point of time the picture is clear that it has been an overdose of Reshammiya songs. Though 'Tu Hi Mera' is not a bad hear at all, it comes so close to dozens of other Reshammiya sung-n-composed numbers in last couple of months that it becomes difficult to appreciate his work. If one heard the same songs after a couple of months they would certainly sound good but for the moment it is too much of supply that is killing the uniqueness factor. Same holds good for the remixes that keep coming up with Reshammiya tracks regardless of whether the genre actually demands it or not. Enough!

Himani gets yet another opportunity to sing for Reshammiya in the remix version of 'Tu Hi Mera'. One minute into the song and one is forced to look back at the credits to check if it is indeed Himani who has sung the song. While she was all husky last month in the title song of Dil Diya Hai, she sounds a la Sonu Kakkar in 'Tu Hi Mera'. She sings the track with a lot of spunk and her voice sounds completely different as she goes high pitch. This is a track that one would want to catch up with either of Priyanka or Amisha dancing to the beats.

Aap Ki Khatir has a decent soundtrack though it is not the best of either Himesh Reshammiya or Dhamesh Darshan. While Reshammiya numbers are indeed sounding repetitive now for even his hardcore fans, even Dharmesh Darshan would rate Nadeem Shravan's score of his last film Bewafa as better. In isolation the album would still sound fine, but due to an in-flow of a Reshammiya album every week it may turn out to be too much too soon for the music lovers.

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