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Back to Bedlam-James Blunt

By: By: Sunil Noronha
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Back to Bedlam is the kind of album that you would not really look at as a breakthrough album. It's like one of those albums in which you don't immediately recognize the quality. The album has tracks that are backed up by years of toil and experience-toil and experience that doesn't really show that strong in your first impression. You realize soon enough it is actually as gutsy as any thing else that you might find gutsy .The guts are not in the art form but in the experiences that precede the songs that the album consists of. It the typical lived out album-he lived it all so much that he really can't live out out the music. It is not something that you can really jump about. It has that soul factor. You wouldn't know how deep it really after knowing which you would fall in love with it. His voice is infact a little girlish but the other factors of the music on the album make it not so important.

The music on the whole is the weird kind. You'd want to out it aside. You wouldn't totally discredit it but it doesn't immediately attract your attention. You may have to go about your average to day and in the process met more people who are crazy about his music and go on mentioning "Wisemen", "You're Beautiful" till you wonder what they could possibly like in this bugger. There is no clear attractive agent in the music itself. He hasn't done anything to make it attractive. He has not feared that it will not be the obvious choice of a listener like me. He just did his thing and that's all he has to say about it. Well, he did that and now he has a  few award statuettes, platinum discs and a huge fan base to show if asked.

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